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Singapore Blog Awards 2012

Singapore Beauty Blogger

You love me, you really love me!

Pardon that ‘The Mask’ or more notably, Sally Field moment but I’m really excited! 😀

If you have been following my Facebook, you would know that I’m one of the 10 finalists in this year’s Singapore Blog Awards for the Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog category!


I’m extremely happy (even though I’ve not won any awards :P) because Singapore Blog Awards (SBA) is one of the most prestigious and reputable of blog awards. The SBA is hosted by which is in turn managed by the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH). So to be nominated by the committee is a great honor to me. It’s like all that hard work that I’ve put in, these past 11 months, has finally paid off and as you probably already know, recognition always feels good. 🙂

Two days ago, the key sponsor of this category, Mary Chia and the organizer of the SBA, invited us to Mary Chia’s Clementi Mall chain for an evening of meet and greet and a tour around their spa.

So here I am with the rest of the Mary Chia Best Beauty Blog finalists and the Mary Chia team.

Singapore Beauty Bloggers

The girls are super sweet I tell you.

Besides meeting the other finalists, The Mary Chia team also took us on a tour around their spa in Clementi Mall.

The cosy rooms for all our beauty retreats…

The ‘wonder-makers’!

The team also introduced their masculine counterpart – Urban Homme.

Yes, men need to groom too!

In the next month or so, Mary Chia will be giving the finalists and our friends free beauty treatments in the form of a spa party.

Yes, you heard me right. Even my friends and Honeyz Belles get to enjoy beauty treats from Mary Chia!

More details will be furnished later. *wink*

Meanwhile, the beauty experts at Mary Chia gave us a ‘Body Composition Analysis’ to help us understand what is going on inside our bodies by categorizing weight into muscle mass, water, and body fat.

They did this to ensure that the beauty treatments that we go for at Mary Chia cater to our body needs.

How thoughtful!

Urgh! My body is mostly made up of fats.

Then we all did a video interview conducted by

I had to do the video interview outside the spa, in front of a busy restaurant. Definitely not the best place to calm interview jitters. This was THE moment when my words turn into gibberish, palms become sweaty and lexicon shrinks…


Back to the SBA 2012…

As I mentioned before, I have a pretty crazy schedule and many times, I could hardly find the time and energy to write an entry. Besides willpower, my other strength comes from you guys. Thank you for giving me relentless support through your emails, FB likes and the increasing views. This has made me enormously motivated to keep this going and produce more quality and informative entries for you.

I’m beyond thrilled to receive this nomination from the Singapore Blog Awards and I know that I wouldn’t be able to do this without you Honeyz Belles.

Just to clarify. That is not a real trophy. It is just a prop.

But it would be nice to hold the real thing. 😛

If you like what I’ve been writing in this blog and you love me (awwwww), please….

That would be the best birthday present for Honeyz!

Here’s how you can cast your vote.

Register an account here, then activate your account by verifying your email in the confirmation email sent by

Psst! If you’re wondering why you are required to fill in your personal details, it is because voters also stand a chance to win attractive prizes! The personal details that you have submitted is for verification purposes in the event that you win something.

Please click on my ‘Vote for Me’ icon after you have registered an account.

Voters are allowed to vote once a day, so please show me some love everyday by voting for me! 😀

Thank you and have a very good weekend my beautiful friends!

Your friend, Juliana


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