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Office Makeover + First Vlogmas of 2022!

IUIGA Furniture Makeover

As we evolve, our spaces should too.

When I first designed our office 7 years ago, I had very different business goals. The office was meant to be a communal space where like-minded individuals would gather to collaborate, create content and enjoy the perks of being a member of Honeyz Cube (my beauty encyclopedia website).

IUIGA Furniture Makeover

Things are very different today due to the pandemic and the government-imposed restrictions that didn't allow gatherings of any sort back in 2020.

Hence, I decided to shift the goal posts and close down that side of my business to channel my energy towards my mobile clinic and blog.

I believe our space has to inspire us and tell our story and at the moment, it's not telling mine very well.

So I decided to give the Bunny HQ a makeover to reflect my rejuvenated entrepreneurial story, my current decor preferences while creating a fresh new backdrop for upcoming shoots and campaigns.

I really took my time with this one as it's the place where my creative juices flow and momentous work milestones are achieved. 😁

I'm so glad I'm finally able to do it with gorgeous furniture pieces from IUIGA. I fell in love with their furniture and home decor items when I visited their Furniture Fair a few months ago and the rest is history.

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore


You wouldn't believe how the space used to look before this big metamorphosis.

Due to our busy schedules, I neglected this corner of my office for months, accumulating tons of props, studio equipment, random knick knacks from shoots, eventually leading it into a derelict state.

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

Even our gorgeous fir tree couldn't save this desolate corner of our office. It was becoming inconducive for work which completely defeats the purpose of having an office.

So I decided to embark on a little quest to look for new furniture pieces to revitalise the space.

I've been browsing IUIGA's furniture catalogue and I'm truly impressed with IUIGA’s wide range of well-designed, functional essentials at absolutely transparent prices.

What’s interesting about IUIGA is that they actually show you how much it costs them to make these products, and then their markups.

In traditional retail, most products are marked up 8 to 15 times by the time they reach you. IUIGA goes against the tide by partnering directly with manufacturers and selling directly to you, eliminating traditional middlemen markups and ultimately, pass on these savings to you.

Talk about great service!



Before our office sunk into a state of ruins and despair, this was how it used to look:

Back in 2015, I was very much into the fun and cheery aesthetic like we're having a party all the time! Haha!

Don't get me wrong, I'm still celebrating every day but I decided to leave that to just one corner of my office and create a whole new area that is more muted, relaxing and peaceful where I can journal, read or just rest. So a Bali resort or tropical vacation theme would fit this new space perfectly.

This is why I chose the following pieces from IUIGA.

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

Lina Rattan Chair ($899)

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

I was torn between the Kora Lounge Sofa which looks like a bouclé chair that is all the rage now, feted by decor YouTubers and celebrities and the Lina Rattan Chair, a style I see in so many viral Bali villa tour reels on Instagram.

After much deliberation, I decided to go for the rattan chair which in my opinion looks more timeless and classy and would fit any theme should I decide to change it in the future.

Lina Rattan Side Table ($399)

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

I wanted a coffee table too but due to the lack of space, I decided it might better to go for a side table which is smaller in size instead. I chose the Lina Rattan Side Table which is super versatile and of course, it goes super well with the Lina Rattan chair as they are made from the same materials.

Kriti Art Painting IV ($69.90)

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

I love the clean lines and the colour palette of the Kriti Art Painting IV. It looks so calm and artistic, reminding me of a Bali villa or a Las Vegas desert home. This is exactly what I need for a reading nook.

Rustic Jute Round Rug ($189)

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

I also like the idea of a carpet in the space as it creates some kind of segregation from the rest of the space, realising my little reading nook idea. I think jute rugs fit the theme perfectly so after some browsing and shopping on IUIGA, I found this gorgeous piece – the Rustic Jute Round Rug that is made from jute and cotton.

Thanks to these new additions, our office went from this...

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

... to this!

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore Christmas

Yes, I added some Christmas elements to it to welcome the beginning of the holiday season.

I also captured everything on video to show you how my office went from hot mess to hot with my newly acquired IUIGA pieces!

If you’re interested to get your hands on these exquisite well-made pieces too, you can team up with other new home owners and buy and save together with IUIGA’s NEW Furniture Group Buy platform and enjoy savings up to $540! Do take note that this is applicable to upcoming BTOs and condos only.

Find out more about IUIGA's Furniture Group Buy here -

Alright, now that my reading nook is all set, I'm going to spend my day reading and journaling here. Please excuse me, belles and beaus.

Oh before I go, just wanna say - have a wonderful time prepping for Christmas too!

IUIGA Furniture Makeover Singapore

Your friend,



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