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  • Writer's pictureJuliana C Stryker – Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s the Lunar New Year again – a time of reunion, merriment and renewal!

We wish you smiles of prosperity and lots of great opportunities! Huat ah!

Thank you all for your support!

I also want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for ardently supporting our little house call clinic for the past few months. Your encouraging words and shoutouts tug at our heart strings every day and your positive reviews have really made this journey a much more rewarding one than we expected.

We can’t be more grateful. Thank you thank you thank you!


We decided to stay open all CNY to ensure you and your family remains in tip top health over the festive season! 😀

For complete peace of mind and transparency, I’ve pasted all our consultation rates right here and also a link to our medicine prices.


9AM – 6PM | $68

6PM – 10PM | $88

10PM – 9AM | $108


ALL DAY | $108


ALL DAY | $108

Note:  Prices shown are for consultation only. Medicines can be provided at additional costs based on your condition.

Don’t worry though, to make sure there are no hidden costs and surprises, you can contact us at +65 87799441 for a no-obligation quote including medicines for complete peace of mind.

Please see FAQs for more about our rates and services.

Lotsa love, luck and cheer, Juliana and Team RESCU


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