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Season's Creeping! Come Decorate With Me For Halloween! 👻

Shake your boo-thang!

I hope you're having a fang-tastic Halloweek so far!

I've been enjoying the spooky season to the fullest, making healthier renditions of pumpkin spice lattes, shooting TikTok content and creating low-calorie Halloween treats. Psst! Check out my previous post for a quick last-minute Halloween treat tutorial! 'Bone' appetit! ☠️

I think the best way to set the tone for the season is home decorating so you'll be reminded and surrounded by the festivities and trust me, it will lift your spirits so much. No pun intended. 👻

That said, please allow me to present to you my Home Sweet 'Haunted' Home!


This year, we have Halloween baubles!

I couldn't find any last year from the local or online stores but this year! We have a Halloween miracle, I found these aptly themed Halloween baubles from Lazada and they go so well with my white tree. Whoopee!

This year, we stuck the bats on the TV console instead as removing them from our walls last year was a huge hassle and some of the wall paint came off too. Nasty!

I think the bats look better here. What do you think?

See the space in action!

Now that decorating is done, we plan for Halloweekend!

Halloween films are a must and we're still contemplating between watching A Nightmare on Elm Street or The Exorcist. Which would you pick? Sound off in the comments!

We did finish Squid Games and You this month which I think could easily pass off as Halloween-appropriate TV shows. Haha!

Anyway, thank you so much for being here as always, you candy corn cuties! Take care and Happy Halloween!

Your ghoul-friend,



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