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Who You Gonna Call? Ghost-Melons! 👻🍉

Low Calorie Halloween Treat

I ain't afraid of no ghost.

Hey everyone, it's your ghoul, I mean girl, Juliana here. Hehe!

In years past, you've seen my Halloween-esque style, nails, makeup and home decor, this year let's pumpkin spice things up and add Halloween treats to the mix! More specifically, low calorie Halloween treats so we can enjoy the spooky season without compromising our health goals!

It's pretty unlikely that fruits will disrupt your nutrition plans but! Not all fruits are created equal.

In our Flow Hyperthermic Cookbook, we listed watermelon as one of our favourite fruits with just 30 calories per 100g. Compare that to 167 calories for 100g of avocado or 100 calories in 100g of passion fruit! Psst! More nutrition info of our beloved fruits and veggies can be found in the cookbook written by Bobby and me. 😜

So today's key ingredient for our recipe is.. you've guessed it! Watermelons!

Here's everything you need - boba tea straw, candy eyeball sprinkles (I got mine from Spotlight) and watermelon that are cut into 35g wedges.

Low Calorie Halloween Treat Flow Fysique Factory

Taking care not to stab yourself, use the straw to create a scared mouth in the watermelon.

You could use a spoon or chopstick too.

Low Calorie Halloween Treat watermelon

Low Calorie Halloween Treat Ghost

Now gently insert eyeballs!

Low Calorie Halloween Treat Eyeball Watermelon

Low Calorie Halloween Treat Ghost

And we're done! It's that easy!

Low Calorie Halloween Treat Ghostbusters

Each ghoulish, petrified watermelon wedge is only 11 calories! Not scary at all and who doesn’t love the refreshing taste of watermelon!

Here's a step-by-step video tutorial too!

I hope you enjoyed making this fun treat with us. Thanks a melon for being here.

Happy Halloween and to all, a good fright!

Your ghoul-friend,



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