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Yes. I'm That Crazy Pumpkin Lady.

Fall Desk Makeover Home Decor Autumn

It's Fall Y'all! 🍂

Every holiday season, I find myself not enjoying the festivities fully as I take on tasks after tasks and pack my Christmas and Halloween content schedule to the brim, on top on the daily work and household tasks I already have to do.

With everything that's happened (and unfortunately still happening), this renewed outlook about a slower paced lifestyle really kicked in for me.

As such, I'm taking it easy and real slow with the seasonal/festive decor and activities this year.

Instead of going all out with the spooky paraphernalia for Halloween, I decided to start the 'eye'ball rolling with some fall decorations - just on my desk. 👻

I’ve always been fascinated by the way nature can influence your mood, style and home decor and as you can imagine, very envious of the seasonal decorating opportunities this affords around the world as we shift from summer into autumn and winter.

True we may only have 1.5 seasons (sunny + rainy) in this part of the world, but hey, we decorate how we feel and you bet I’m feeling more and more festive by the second.

Now let's give them pumpkin to talk about! 🎃🍁




Now let's zhuzh it up!


Fall Desk Makeover Home Decor Autumn

Fall Desk Makeover Home Decor Autumn Pumpkins

Fall Desk Makeover Home Decor Autumn

Watch the transformation in action!

It's not a major overhaul, just a teeny weeny one to set the autumn mood and ease into the spooky season.

Meanwhile, if you're interested to decorate your pad with these white pumpkins too, you can purchase them from this link.

I'm always posting new home decor hauls on my TikTok, follow me there too if you want instant #bobblianahome updates and also a peek at a 'different' side of me. 🙈

Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween? Let me know in the comments below!

Your ghoulfriend,



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