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Clozette Style Party 2016

There’s a Chinese saying that says 台上一分鈡,台下十年功 which literally means, ten years of practice for one minute on the stage.

I can’t agree more.

Even though the Clozette Style Party only lasted for three days, it took the team many sleepless nights to prepare for one of their biggest Style Parties ever at Suntec City.

Besides the Style Squad Show that I participated in, the party also featured a LIVE Runway Makeup Demo by popular YouTube celebrity, Morgan of The Beauty Breakdown fame as well as another runway show showcasing British online store, ASOS’s highly anticipated S/S 2016 collection.

Everyone worked hard and our efforts definitely paid off as Clozette won much effusive praise from the media, our sponsors and of course, our esteemed guests!

Kudos to everyone involved in the show! 👏

Psst! Even my husband, Bobby, got to strut his stuff on the runway! Haha!

For those who’d missed it, don’t fret as I’ve compiled photos of the day’s highlights for your visual pleasure.



Before The Show


Clozette Style Party 2016 7

The calm before the storm… 🙏🏼

Chilling at Calla Spa before our runway show in a few hours!

Clozette Style Party 2016 26

Actually, the picture above does not accurately convey how luxurious it was. Here’s a photo I took of fellow Clozetter, Hannah chilling like a boss at Calla Spa’s lounge. Clozette also did a pictorial tour around the premises. You can click here to check out the photos.

Clozette Style Party 2016 25

Getting Ready

Clozette Style Party 2016 34

Clozette Style Party 2016 30

Clozette Style Party 2016 28

Clozette Style Party 2016 35

Clozette Style Party 2016 29

Clozette Style Party 2016 33

Clozette Style Party 2016 32

It’s amazing how amidst the chaos, my Instagram husband, Bobby was still able to capture this flattering photo of me backstage.

This sunkissed and totally wearable avant garde look was jointly created by LANEIGE (makeup) and REDS (hair). Don’t I look all ready for summer?? Haha!

Clozette-Backstage (1)

The Laneige makeup experts also decided I don’t need eyeliner or mascaras to enhance the my eyes. My Lolita Novalash extensions should suffice. *wink*

Clozette Style Party 2016 27

Clozette Style Party 2016 31

Clozette Style Party 2016 36

Clozette Style Party 2016 37

Thank you Qiyun for sneaking backstage to fill our grumbling tummies with delicious snacks and nibbles!

Clozette Style Party 2016 40

Fringe Activites

Clozette Style Party 2016 39

Clozette Style Party 2016 38

Clozette Style Party 2016 6

Before the show, guests were also generously treated to delicious coffee from Cafebond, cookies by Famous Amos as well as beauty services by Milly’s and the Clozette team themselves!

The Introduction

Clozette Style Party 2016 11

The show opened with a Korean-inspired makeup demo by Morgan using products from Laneige.

Clozette Style Party 2016 12

Clozette Style Party 2016 10

And here comes the highlight of the evening (for the Stryker household at least) – Bobby walking the runway! Haha!




It was a Walk-Off challenge and unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), my dear husband was called up on the stage to show off his catwalking skills. This is where the ‘fortunate part’ comes, he actually won the contest and walked away with some cool ASOS shopping vouchers. Can you believe it? Never knew he had that in him. Haha!


Let The Show Begin

Clozette Style Party 2016 13

Clozette Style Party 2016 14

Clozette Style Party 2016 44

Clozette Style Party 2016 47

Clozette Style Party 2016 15

Clozette Style Party 2016 45

Yep. that’s me blowing a kiss to my beloved runway partner, Vinna!

Clozette Style Party 2016 5

Clozette Style Party 2016 17

Clozette Style Party 2016 18

Clozette Style Party 2016 46

Clozette Style Party 2016 43

Clozette Style Party 2016 42

Clozette Style Party 2016 41

Not only did the audience get to preview the new SS16 collection by ASOS, they also got to feast their eyes on some of the best designs from notable Asian designers such as BYSM, Womb, Straits Establishment, and Mporium.

Here I’m wearing a very artistic watercolor-ed piece by Ying the Label.

Juliana-Clozette-Style-Party (1)

After The Show

Clozette Style Party 2016 20

It’s the mandatory ‘Picture Time’ with my good friends, Aggy and Qiyun!

Clozette Style Party 2016 19

I was also very happy to finally meet Sin Yee, my Facebook friend of two years at the party. And of course, we can’t miss a photo opportunity like this. Say cheese!

Clozette Style Party - Sin Yee
Behind every successful woman is a loving and supportive husband.
Clozette Style Party 2016 21

The Double A Team – Agnes and Alex

Clozette Style Party 2016 23

The ‘Just Got Engaged’ Lovebirds – June and Ben

Clozette Style Party 2016 24


Clozette Style Party 2016 22

My beau and I. :*

Clozette also made sure everyone bagged a bountiful bag of goodies that evening. And here’s what’s ‘rocking my boat’ from the party!

The Goodie Bag


Say hola to the ‘goodie’ that totally stood out from the bag – Laneige’s Two Tone Lip Bar in No. 12 Maxi Red.


You probably can’t tell from the picture but the texture is actually quite buttery making it very easy to glide on your lips and thus also giving you a velvety, luxurious finish. Yay! This means bidding my lip wrinkles goodbye too. Haha!

The Lip Bar also delivers a rather insane colour payout so you can get a pretty voluptuous pout with just a few swipes. Well, here’s the caveat. Because of its rich duo color combo, you also get two pretty intense colors which require a considerable amount of blending to create the desired ombre look.


Demo courtesy of my good friend, Lavinia. 😛

Well, challenges are what make life interesting so I’m pretty sure with just a few applications, you’ll be able to master the ultimate blending technique and create your own exquisite gradient lips!

All in all, I think it’s still a very imperative product to have in your makeup pouch. I give it 3.5/5 Honeyz crowns!

And here’s my second favorite goodie from my Clozette party pack – Famous Amos cookies! Who can say no to these yummy little devils!



The Clozette Style Party Beauty & Fashion Show featured many gorgeous ensembles by ASOS & Asian Designers for this season. We wouldn’t have been able to pull off so many looks in such a short amount of time without our talented glam squad. So here’s a huge shoutout to Laneige and REDS Hairdressing! Thank you for making us feel beautiful and totally confident on stage!

And of course, thank you Clozette for this unique and absolutely wonderful opportunity! We wuv you!


Many of my friends as well as the Clozette team also covered the event in detail. You can click below for their posts. 🙂

Clozette  *  Clara  *  Agnes  *  Shu Hui   *  Janice


Do you like the looks featured? Let me know by commenting below!

Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend and keep sparkling!

Your friend Juliana



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