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How to Look Business Chic?

MOTF Shein Review

Lately, I've been fully immersed in work, embracing my business mode while keeping my social calendar relatively dormant.

Now that both my clinics are in full operation every day, it's crunch time!

Speaking of business wear, it may sound a tad boring and safe, but my new favorite style is business chic.

And I'm loving the MOTF Everyday Chic collection that looks so much like what Korean drama female CEOs would wear.

As the premium sister brand to SHEIN, MOTF has redefined the business-chic dress code with elevated essentials that celebrate the essence of femininity and individual style.

This collection marries minimalist design with timeless essentials, perfect for those who like a tinge of elegance in their everyday attire.

I'm particularly drawn to the sleek straight cuts and the lively colors that add a playful yet sophisticated twist to my look.

It's about finding that sweet spot where work meets play, without compromising on style or breaking the bank.

I've taken tons of photos in my new MOTF selections. Psst! I also shot a reel in my home office/girl cave to show you how they look.

Fashion meets function - love it!

Keep scrolling please! Hehe!


MOTF Shein Review

MOTF Shein Review

MOTF Shein Review

MOTF Shein Review

MOTF Shein Review

Search IDs of MOTF items featured in this post:

Bow Tie Shirt: 28488510

Green Suit Pants: 28777049

Green Blazer: 28782841

Overlap Waist Suit Pants: 28777064

Double Breasted Shirt: 28968169

Whaddya think? What's YOUR go-to style for blending work and fashion? Lemme know in the comments!

Your friend,




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