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Decorating For Christmas Is A Sport I Tell You

With my hubby having to fly out of town last minute, sitting here alone, I truly felt Christmas had been cancelled for us both this year.

Then I started to look around and saw the three Christmas trees we put up together (yes you heard it right, three!), the Christmas village we had set up below our TV, the garland we hung around our door, all the snowmen dotted around our home and even our beloved festive teddies that always come out this time of the year!

Talk about OCD (Obsessive Christmas Disorder)! 😅

We didn’t miss Christmas after all! Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a feeling. It’s all the mess we made while decorating. It’s all the planning and feel-good moments leading up to the big day and of those, I’m so fortunate to have had so many!

Not to mention all the impromptu meetups with loved ones and beautiful and heart-warming messages I have been receiving from all of you.

Christmas is those unfiltered moments where your heart is so full of joy and happiness it could burst and while we celebrate it on one specific day, the true celebration starts the day you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside!

Now let's jingle and mingle!


Living Room

Meet Barnables, our resident Gingerbread man who (surprise surprise) smells just like gingerbread!

That's Frosty. He's a stunner and you'll see a lot more of him on my IG stories.


Next we head to my girl cave where I created my own Santa's grotto with a blue to red ombre tree and adorned my unofficial elves Moo Moo (the cow ottoman), Mr Snowman and Hello Kitty with Christmas hats for some added festive cheer!

Girl Cave / Home Office


We do not have a lot of space in the bedroom so we opted for a flocked pencil tree to fit into this tiny corner of our room. No baubles or additional decoration for this narrow little guy as we thought the fake snow and fairy lights were enough to jazz up this tree.


This is Ratatouille who we actually display all year round to ensure our spirits stay bright all 365 days. Hehe!

That's FatSnow, our smiley little Snowman whom Bobby has to pat and say good night to every night.

Bobby got me this bougie Christmas-themed candle from Jo Malone last Christmas which smells super decadent without even lighting it up.

I decided to leave it on my bedside table to intensify the Christmas experience even while in bed.


Thank you for coming on this holiday home tour with me. I hope you had fun and also hope my home decor has inspired you to get one more tree for Christmas! Haha! Let me know in the comments below if you decorated more than one room in the house too! 👇

We managed to take a photo with Frosty and Santa just before Bobby went to the airport. It was 'snow' much fun! It is now our official family Christmas card for 2020. Whaddya think?

Finally, from our family to yours...

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and may you have an astounding 2021 loaded with good health, love, happiness and inspiration!

Frosty kisses and snowflake wishes,

Juliana and Bobby



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