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Cheers To Another Amazing Carn-Evil At The Stryker Household! 🍾 (+ a giveaway)

Double the boos, double the trouble, double the fun!

Okay, don't quote me on that.

How have you guys been?

Hope it has been a fang-tastic October for you so far. Even though Halloween parties are completely out of the question, I still tried my best to make the most of it at home.

Just the other night, I finished Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor which is just as eerie and possibly more heartbreaking than its predecessor, The Haunting of Hill House. It took me some time to understand why this series got to me so much. There are definitely horror TV dramas and movies that employ more frightful scare tactics but somehow this series sparked such intense, lingering feelings and emotions in me that I can't stop thinking about them. That's when my smart (and also movie-fanatic) husband pointed out that most horror films usually employ a combination of horror and excitement whereas this series uses a unique combination of horror, sadness and love. I feel so much regret for these characters which I don't even feel for traditional love stories. I guess this is what amazing storytelling looks like, it stirs the emotions. Well, if you're still looking for a good TV series to get you through the scary season, I highly recommend The Haunting of Bly Manor.

Anyway, I hope I didn't dampen the mood too much. To lighten things up after Bly Manor, you could make some pumpkin spice latte and enjoy it with a fun Halloween flick like Adam Sandler's Hubie Halloween which I promise will give you all a wicked good time. Psst! Lotsa Halloween decor inspo in there too! Also available on Netflix.

I had a spooktacular time decorating my home for Halloween and also shared how I spooked up my home in this post. Go check it out if you haven't already!

Today, I thought I could show you how I spend the day at home during Halloween week, from reading my favourite horror novels, to conjuring spells (Warning: For expert spell casters only 👻) to ensuring there's enough boos for the Halloweekend!

And I make sure I indulge in my me-time in some beautiful numbers from Joop Boo-tique, I mean Boutique. Psst! They even created a top inspired by my personal style and named it after me. Omg omg!

In the cover photo above 👆:



Good news! Joop Boutique would like to extend their Halloween wishes to you by giving two lucky Instagram followers a Juliana Boho top each. How cool is that?! Click here to join!

Now without further ado, let's grab your pumpkin spice lattes and spend All Hallows' Eve with me at home!



Before I conclude Halloween 2020 on I Love Bunny, the RESCU Rangers and I would love to chime in on the scary flicks recommendation.

Well, research shows a little stress and anxiety can actually increase your productivity so here are some of our family-friendly and ghoulish film recommendations!

Dr. Bobby Stryker:

Family Friendly Recommendation:

Ghostbusters - for its perfect blend of humor, sharp wit and memorable ghouls! Who doesn’t love the Marshmallow Man!

Really Scary Recommendations:

The Omen, The Thing (Original), Halloween (Original) and Evil Dead (Original) - all gave me sleepless nights as a kid after I sneakily managed to catch them on TV when I should’ve been in bed sleeping.

Juliana Stryker:

Family Friendly Recommendation:

Casper - As a fan of the cartoon, seeing the live action lived up to all my expectations and more! It was the first ghost story which didn’t scare me sideways as a kid growing up.

Really Scary Recommendations:

The Conjuring series - Love all the unexpected twists and the idea that they’re all rooted in so called ‘true’ events makes them even more spooky!

Sebastian Chong:

Family Friendly Recommendation:

The Addams Family - In a strange way The Addams Family resonated with me with their message that’s its okay to be different as long as you’re happy!

Really Scary Recommendations:

None... I fainted after watching the first 5 minutes of Paranormal Activity! Now I’m too scared to watch anything more scary than Casper or The Addams Family!


I hope you had fun spending the day with me. I’m curious - do you decorate your home for Halloween too?

My husband thinks I’m the only one in our local community. I vehemently disagree!! How’s that possible??!

🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️ if you spook up your homes for the scary season too!

Anyway with everything that’s going on this year, evidently there will be no hexes, spells or poison parties, but hopefully there will still be lotsa bugs, I mean hugs, kisses and Halloween wishes for you beautiful souls.

Happy Halloween and to all, a good fright!

Your friend,



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