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Beauty Treats from Mary Chia

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No, this is definitely not a Lady Gaga makeup tutorial.

And it is not some outlandish beauty treatment either.

In fact, I’m having a skin workout! Read on to find out!

Okay… That was probably not so Lady Gaga but more like this…



A week ago, I was invited by Mary Chia to try out their services and I was given the following voucher.

I was psyched!

Yes, $1000 worth of treatments and products from Mary Chia.

They are super generous I tell you.

I’m certain that most of you have heard of Mary Chia.

For our foreign Honeyz Belles who haven’t, here’s a brief about Mary Chia.

Mary Chia is a homegrown and leading beauty and wellness spa brand that has 30 years of beauty and wellness expertise, with 10 outlets in Singapore and seven outlets in Malaysia.

Believe it or not, the doyenne of Mary Chia, Mary Chia started out as a wedding gown seamstress and only ventured into the beauty industry when her clients requested for make up services too.

Today, Mary Chia provides a comprehensive range of lifestyle and wellness services.

Some of her signature treatments includes: Invigorating Cellulite Buster, Crystalite Face Rejuvenation, Diamond Face Sparkler, Ginger Infusion Exfoliating Scrub, just to name a few.

So here I am at the esteemed Mary Chia Salon.

I was greeted by Jasmin – the Corporate Account Relations Manager of Mary Chia, who also helped me with the organization of ‘Vacation in a Spa‘. *extremely grateful*

She walked me through the Mary Chia Tampines outlet at Century Square.

Come, follow me!

This is the cosy chillout area of the salon.

Bored of chilling? Check out Mary Chia’s signature products displayed near the reception and chillout area.

You never know what goodies you might discover!

The ultra-retro corridor that oozes contemporary style: everything was orange, fresh and gorgeous.

Glistening glitters could be spotted everywhere in the salon.

Then I was asked to place my stuff in the lockers.

Wow, I thought that was pretty thoughtful.

Usually, I’ll place my stuff near the massage bed which of course is not the safest place as my eyes are closed half the time.

Well, not only do they offer lockers but…

Wait for it…

Our stuff are also secured by fingerprint locks!

Ultimate thoughtfulness.

Then I was introduced to the massage room where party guests of ‘Vacation in a Spa’ would get to enjoy free massages and paraffin hand treatments.

Next, I was brought to my room where I’ll get to enjoy the beauty treatments.

The signature Mary Chia towels.

All ready to indulge in my 2 hour beauty treatment!

Before the treatment, I was given a skin analysis by Mary Chia’s beauty consultant, Crystal. This is to ensure that the products and services chosen are suitable for my skin type and condition.

After the analysis, Crystal concluded that even though the nature of my skin is oily, it is still deficient in water and this can lead to wrinkles. She decided that a a Collagen Lifting Facial and an eye repair treatment will be ideal to revive my tired and dehydrated skin.

So I lied on the comfortable massage bed as Mary Chia beauty therapist , L, awakened my skin with a nice face and scalp massage.

The massage was very relaxing and soothing.

I could feel the accumulated tension slowly leaving my body and mind.

Alright and the treatment begins proper.

This is my totally bare naked face.

L cleansed, exfoliated and steamed my face before she extracted the stubborn blackheads from it.

Then she gently stroked my skin with a device known as Ultra-sonic to apply a hydrating lotion onto my skin.

I was curious as to why a machine was used to apply the lotion to my face instead of just applying it directly to the skin.

Let me guess. Another form of massage therapy?

Can you guess why too?

Well, Crystal explained that this machine breaks the molecules in the lotion into smaller particles so that they are small enough to penetrate into the skin. In this way, the lotion will be fully absorbed by the skin.

Wow, why didn’t I think of that.

Next, I was treated with soothing and cold crystal balls that massaged and calmed my ‘traumatized’ skin (trauma from the extractions earlier).

This treatment helped to promote blood circulation and close up the enlarged pores from the steaming.

Then L proceeded to massage the area around my eyes to reduce puffiness.

Yup, my eye repair treatment has began.

I was reintroduced to the Ultra-sonic facial tool but this time it comes with a different treatment tip.

The device and hydration liquid used was the same as the last one. The only difference was the smaller tip as the areas of application this time were smaller.

After tweezing my eyebrows, L patted a few masks on my face.

Here goes!

As I waited for my mask to dry, L gave me a another firm scalp massage.

Absolutely heavenly.

After 20 minutes…

The face mask hardened to form this..

L pummeled my tense shoulders one last time before she ended the facial treatment.


Refreshed and polished!

Overall, my skin felt hydrated, healthier and smoother. No more unsightly bumps!

My only gripe was the redness caused by the extractions. However, the extraction technique was so skillful that there was minimal inflammation two days after the treatment. I probably only saw two inflamed pores on the side of my face. Usually there’ll be tons of inflamed pores after a facial.

After a week, my skin tone was also evened out. So I guess the extractions were all the better for it.

Since I still had credits left, I redeemed them for a RadianX Phototherapy (RXP) underarm treatment.

RXP is dubbed the first pain-free light-based therapy that clears up acne and removes unwanted hair. It requires no pre-treatment procedures, numbing or treatment down-time. It sounds like Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment except it is painless.

However, I was shocked the first time I used it as the machine sucked my skin lightly before blasting the light energy.

Here’s the wonder maker…

According to the therapist, the machine will remove unsightly hair and whiten the underarms. Results may not be immediate though.

I’ve done similar treatments before so my underarms are free of hair. Though I still look forward to fairer underarms. 😛

After the treatment, I was served a cup of fresh-brewed ginger tea to detoxify and warm my body. It can get quite chilly in the massage rooms.

By the way, ginger is great for the body, especially the stomach. It eases digestion and calms an upset stomach pronto.

Just when I thought my beauty treatment had come to an end, Crystal presented me a bottle of Age-Defying Hydrating Lotion, a popular product from their house brand.

Now my skin is truly on a path to perfection…

More about this baby in my next beauty review.

If you would like to find out more about the premium services of Mary Chia, visit their official website at


My ‘Vacation in a Spa’ party was a major success! Here are some of the highlights of the evening.

More photos and a party video coming up in my next post!

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Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest.



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