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What Can the Haze Do to Your Skin (and How You Can Haze-Proof Yourself)

Haze, haze, go away!

But like it or not, it’s here to stay. At least for the time being.

Haze is a condition where airborne pollutants are suspended in the air obscuring visibility and contaminating the air we breathe in.

The high PSI not only contributes to a whole nexus of health problems, it also gives rise to beauty problems such as clogged pores, dry skin and Vitamin E depletion in the epidermis which leads to… gulp, premature ageing.

So let’s fight The Haze Villain before the it wreaks havoc on our precious skin.

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These are some of the effects the recent haze has caused to my poor body – stuffy nose, throat irritation and the annoying unstoppable cough.

So these days, I won’t leave the house without my trusty N95 mask.

But guess what? The mask can protect my lungs from the nasty smog but it cannot keep the ‘air gunk’ away from my skin.

As mentioned earlier, the particles, smoke and dust in the air are physical irritants that dry out skin and clog pores and we all know the ramifications include itchiness, flakiness and acne.

To add fuel to the fire, the effects of the pollutants last beyond the haze. It also causes Vitamin E levels in the upper layer of the skin to fall, resulting in the formation of harmful, cell damaging free radicals.

I guess this is useless as a skin protectant then. 🙁

But don’t worry! It’s not the end of the world yet.

Here are some quick tips on how you can minimise the harmful impact of the haze.

1) Effective Cleansing

It is a no-brainer, isn’t it?

Doctors suggest cleansing the skin after going outside to get rid of accumulated grime from the smog.

I would recommend a water-based makeup remover for this step to prevent you from stripping away the skin’s natural essential oils unknowingly. 2) Moisturize and Protect

The lousy airborne pollutants can leave your skin devoid of moisture so remember to also apply hydrating moisturisers and masks that are high in Vitamin E. They help to maintain the skin barrier that keeps water-rich internal organs from drying out by preventing water loss in hazy environments.

Protect your skin by layering it with sunscreens containing antioxidants, which combat free radicals and sun damage.

3) Purge and Detox

I recommend engaging a beauty specialist for this step.

As mentioned in my previous posts, I’ve been going to Phoenix la Beaute for their Classic Facial treatments that use Maria Galland products to target the specific needs of my skin.

Their products are high in anti-oxidants and vitamins so instead of a skin deterioration, my skin has been looking more glowy than ever.

Here’s a closeup of my face after three months of treatment.

Since the arrival of the haze, I’ve been going there more often to not only purge dirt and oil from the pores but also to expel the toxins in my body with their infra-red sauna.

Psst! Here are some offers you can enjoy as Honeyz readers. 😛

• 75 mins Phoenix Classic Facial treatment @ $38 (U.P. $280)

– 1st 20 to redeem the promotion will receive a free Microdermabrasion worth $100.

The Phoenix Classic Facial treatment – Phoenix’s classic facials hydrate and calm all skin types to produce a luminous complexion. Through the treatment’s synergistic combination of revitalising and purifying procedures, you’re promised a smoother and clearer appearance.

• Phoenix Lipolysis Program (PLP)@ $38 (U.P. $600) – 1st 20 to redeem the promotion will receive M-Pulse Therapy

The Phoenix Lipolysis Program (PLP) – Using the help of electrotherapy, stimulates muscles to break down fats in problem areas whilst using infrared and penetrating active ingredients to burn fat without overloading your body with the stress that lengthy and vigorous exercise can sometimes cause. Your whole body is maintained at a specific temperature in the FIR thermal blanket which increases metabolism, blood circulation and eventually weight loss whilst reducing water retention and FFA through pores.

Call 67334556 to make your appointment and quote “JULIANA” to redeem the promotional price

OR SMS: JULIANA, Name, I/C to 8160 3888

Promotion only valid till 31st March 2014.

Terms and Conditions: – First time customer age 21 and above. – Resident in Singapore with valid NRIC or passes – Prices quoted without GST. – Not valid with other discounts or promotion

4) Purify!

Use an air purifier to keep the particulate levels low. Choose an air purifier that is suitable for the size and type of your home. Avoid air cleaners that generate ozone as they will increase air pollution.

Keep air conditioners in tip-top working condition with regular cleaning and servicing. Fine particles can enter an air-conditioned building through the fresh air intake channels and by infiltration through openings and gaps.

5) Drink Up!

Finally, the most effective and cheapest way to combat the repercussions of damaging pollutants – drink lots of water.

It’s a great way to flush out all the toxins we inhale during the haze season.

Reminder! Teas and coffees are traditionally thought of as diuretics that can dehydrate the body, however, the latest scientific evidence recommended by dieticians is that this diuretic effect is minimal – so drinking tea and coffee still counts towards your 8 glasses of water per day! Avoid alcohol as that really can dehydrate the body further and worse still, slow down your body’s ability to get rid of toxins 🙂

I hope my tips can help you get through this difficult hazy episode. If you’ve more tips, please feel free to share with me below.

Your friend,



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