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WatsOn Trend 2017: Glamping Getaway

What’s the most ‘beauty-ful’ way to travel around the world?

Visit a Watsons store of course!

Watsons have been firing on all cylinders all year to bring you the best cornucopia of beauty products from Japan, Korea, the US, Denmark and many more. This travel season, the beauty behemoth is all about helping you look good and feel great no matter where you go in this beautiful wide world.

And what better way to present their brand new offerings than with a glamping party indoors! Haha!

Scroll down to join me in the great outdoors, I mean ‘ indoors’ at Watsons’ WatsON Trend party! Have fun!


But first, food!

watsons singapore

The food was on point, in perfect glamping style! Did you see the mini tents on the buffet table???

Haha! Now that our bellies are filled. Let’s head to the camp site!


The spacious hall housed five tents, chock full of products inspired by different regions and continents.


First stop, Ibiza!

Make sure you have these products in tow for Ibiza’s Mediterranean climate.

Schwarzkopf Beology

Their new premium hair care range is made with deep sea extract sourced from the unpolluted depths of over 2,000m below sea level. This powerful antioxidant helps neutralize free radicals and protect hair and scalp from environmental aggressors to enhance your hair’s natural repairing abilities. Beology’s formula is also powered by three types of keratin and proteins that can penetrate the hair’s cortex to strengthen its inner structure and repair the hair from inside out.

The Beology repair line will be exclusively at all Watsons Singapore stores from January 2018. Prices start from SGD21.

Secret Day

Korean brand Secret Day specialises in professional female care that embraces the lifestyle of the differentiated, sensual modern women. Secret Day’s products are produced with strictly selected raw materials – enabling women to maintain their health during that time of the month. Prices start from SGD4.50.


Lactacare was launched in Denmark as a local initiative in 2008 and rapidly became the leader of the probiotic market. The concept of Lactacare was built on the consumer insight that more than half of the population is experiencing problems with their stomach, and that consumers want products tailored for specific problems.

All Lactacare products are produced using unique protected, patented cryogenic technology that ensures a better effect, longer viability on consumption including maximum acid and bile stability. Prices start from SGD36.90.


ATOPALM was born from a father’s love for his kids and a passion for research. Dr. Raymond Park, a research scientist poured his heart into creating a hypoallergenic formula that gently and safely healed his son from persistent dermatitis. Dr Park spent years of research to develop ATOPALM – a consumer line of products to heal and protect sensitive skin. ATOPALM is a well-known household name voted #1 in Korea for the past decade, giving consumers access to ancient beauty secrets of gentle and unique formulas discovered through advanced innovation. Prices start from SGD19.



Your safari adventures are not complete without these beauty goodies!


With the aim of using the best in nature to improve one’s well-being, Kinohimitsu offers a range of nutraceutical products for all detox, health and beauty needs. The brand utilizes the energy and healing properties of plants in their products to provide thorough, quick and effective remedies to boost the quality of the human body. All Kinohimitsu products possess nature-based extracts that are vital to nature’s self-regulating system, with no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colouring, flavouring, chemicals and no hormones, as tested by SGS. Prices start at SGD31.90.


Jorubi has been recognized as a provider of high quality Aloe Vera-based products for more than 30 years. Jorubi ensures effective Aloe Vera content in each product to fully capitalize on the ingredient’s natural healing properties. This is done through meticulous proprietary manufacturing methods that preserve the Aloe Vera’s nutrients in every step of the manufacturing process from plant harvesting right up to filling.

Since 1974, Jorubi has been committed to using proprietary methods to harvest and process its Aloe Vera plants. Each Aloe Vera leaf is carefully hand-picked, stored, and stabilized to ensure the most potent effects and highest quality end products for consumers. The brand’s goal is to create products which are able to provide skin with the full effects of Aloe Vera’s amazing natural healing abilities, giving consumers sustainably healthy, glowing and confident skin.

Prices start at SGD16.80.

Kyusoku Jikan

Kyusoku, means ‘Legs Relaxation’ in Japanese. Kyusoku Jikan Relaxing Leg Care Products are gentle on the skin and easy to use. Each product is formulated with natural aromatic fragrances that leave your legs, feet and heels feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Prices start at SGD7.50.

Max Factor

Max Factor is an internationally acclaimed cosmetics brand hailing from Hollywood. The brand was founded in 1904 by Mr. Max Factor, an innovator of beauty, who created the signature looks of some of Hollywood’s most famous actresses such as Marilyn Monroe. Mr. Max Factor also coined the term “make-up”, and was the first to avail them to the general public in 1920s.

With more than 100 years of make-up know-how under its belt, Max Factor continually evolves itself in response to the ever-changing needs of women. The brand has inspired thousands of women worldwide by providing her with the tools to effortlessly create her own glamour every day. Prices start at SGD20.90.



Before you step foot on the romantic volcanic-sand beaches of Santorini, do make sure you have these on hand!


BlanX was recently crowned Italy’s top professional whitening toothpaste. Its non-abrasive, peroxide free formula promises to help you restore your teeth to their natural whiteness. It is the only cosmetic toothpaste that is made with ingredients derived from Arctic Lichen, a natural extract, for a whiter smile without harming your teeth. Prices start from SGD12.90.

Naturals by Watsons

Naturals by Watsons offers a series of high quality hair, bath and body ranges that are made with the finest ingredients sourced from around the world.

The range features a Double Up formulation – harnessing twice the power from each ingredient for twice the benefits. Each ingredient boasts benefits such as moisturising, softening, brightening or pampering. No double trouble, just double blessings! Prices start from SGD4.90.

Wet n Wild

The MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick glides on like butter and feels like second skin on the lips. Made with a lightweight formula, it goes on the lips glossy but transforms into a high-pigmented matte finish with long staying power that does not dry the lips.

The range is available in eight colours. The lipstick is priced at SGD12.90 each.


Nutox is the first skin care range to have Bird’s Nest as the key ingredient. In 2014, the brand’s range enhanced their products with twice the Bird’s Nest and Actigenic+ technology to promote youthfulness.

Today, Nutox is recognized as one of Malaysia’s Top 3 anti-ageing moisturizers and serums. Prices start at SGD26.90.



That’s where I’m heading to this December, so you bet I was all ears about the latest trends to look out for when we were in this tent!


Frudia is the result of 30 years of dedicated research by the Frudia Research Lab, in hopes of looking for a better way to treat skin. Plants and fruits both provide a rich repository of nutrients and anti-oxidants that help to naturally protect and beautify skin. Frudia captures nutrients into products that protect skin and give you that natural glow. Prices start at SGD15.90.

Get it Beauty Facial Masks

Korean beauty facial masks made with cellulose that are smooth and non-irritable on the skin. The masks are highly absorbent, environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful ingredients and only strong skin protectants. ceLABrity Facial Masks are new and exclusively available at all Watsons stores. Prices start at SGD3.90.


Clematis’ Potpourri Lipsticks are highly pigmented and in a matte texture for a velvety finish on the lips. It has a moisturising coated gel film, containing vitamin E and murumuru butter keeping the inside of your lips moist. Available in 15 colours at SGD22.90 each.


Christmas Wonderland

From unicorn brushes to cute travel inflatable pillows, Watsons makes sure you’re covered from head to toe this holiday season. If you’re scratching your head about what to get for your loved ones, check out the luxurious spa sets below!

Sharing some Christmas cheer with the beautiful Kaiting!

I hope you had fun scooting around the world with me and Watsons!

These covetable products are now available on For instant updates on availability and promotions, follow them on FB and IG @watsonssg too. Have fun and keep sparkling!

Holiday mode: activated

Your friend, Juliana



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