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Warby Parker: Getting Comfortable With Your Own Wardrobe

Guest Post

It is almost March and this means it’s time to chuck Winter aside and welcome Spring! But this does not mean you have to revamp your wardrobe entirely for the new season.

Today, we’re very delighted to have Kaki Read, the Fashion Coordinator at Warby Parker share some useful ideas and tips on how we can brighten our wardrobe without trading in comfort and getting a closet overhaul.

Please welcome Warby Parker‘s fashion extraordinaire Kaki Read!

Getting dressed looks simple at the beginning, but if you are someone who struggles with matching your lips to your scarf to your belt to your shoes, you may feel as if you could use a few hints! There are too many people out there who are intimidated when they want to head out for the day, and whether you are feeling nervous about heading to work or simply heading out for a fun day in the city, you’ll find that learning a bit about how to plan your outfit can help. Remember that a great outfit is all in the details. Take a moment to learn more about what your options are before you start rooting around in your closet. Fun Work Day If you have a business-casual office, why not take advantage of that and dress in a way that suits you? You don’t have to look like a corporate drone, and if you love the idea of standing out a bit, why not embrace your own personality? For example, if you want to add a touch of whimsy to your office attire, why not take a moment to throw on a classic fifties dress, complete with long skirt and belt at the waist. If you want to keep it office appropriate, throw on a shrug and keep the shoes sensible. If you really want to push the fifties look, purchase a pair of black eyeglasses to complete the look and find a tutorial that will allow you to put your hair up in a fifties fashion. Day At the Park When the spring air turns warm and balmy, you’ll find that it is a great time for you to head out for the day. Perhaps you want to do a little bit of reading at the park, or maybe you want to go for a long walk around the pond. A day at the park is perfect for a touch of classic style and just a little bit of glamor. Keep things simple with a pair of cigarette pants and tightly fitted top, and do your hair up into a careless messy French twist. Consider a pair of strappy sandals or even a pair of brightly colored clogs to keep your outfit lively for a spring day. Keep your glasses very sharp and fine for this; wire-rims tend to work very well.

A little imagination is all it takes to make your outfit perfect for any occasion! -Kaki Read

Thanks Kaki for the wonderful style advice.

Honestly, I never saw glasses as a fashion item until Kaki introduced Warby Parker and its stylish glasses to me. What I love about Warby Parker is its wide range of designs that are meticulously crafted to suit their customers’ personal lifestyle and to fit the personality of any occasion.

According Warby Parker, your glasses should be a reflection of you so here’s my little style contribution to this post with Warby Parker’s Sloan Rum Cherry optical glasses which I thought was the cutest of the lot and that best represented my style. 🙂

So what do you think?

On top of providing good quality and affordable glasses to customers, Warby Parker also provides eyewear to people in need. Do you know that almost one billion people worldwide lack access to glasses? That’s a whopping 15% of the global population that are not able to learn or work effectively due to poor vision. Just imagine the anxiety and frustration you might have if you lose your glasses. These people are facing the same problem everyday.

To address this, Warby Parker partnered with non-profits like VisionSpring to ensure that for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need.

You can find out more about their noble initiative by clicking here.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Which style tip introduced by Kaki was your favorite? Are there any other spring trends that you’re excited about right now? I’d love to hear your views and thoughts. Share with me by commenting below.

Finally, let’s channel your inner Geek Goddess with glasses from Warby Parker!

Your friend, Juliana



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