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Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass

“Imagination and makeup is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

I’ve been suffering from fairytale withdrawal symptoms since my Disney wedding more than a year ago. It was certainly an exciting and enchanting experience escaping from reality for a while and totally immersing in my very own imaginative world inspired by fairytales.

I’ve actually been reading the comments about our wedding on various news outlets and one “feedback” that keeps popping up is – Why didn’t the couple do an Alice In Wonderland themed photoshoot too?

If we could, we would feature every iconic Disney story. However, due to time constraints, we could only select a few stories for the wedding shoot.

I’ve always wanted to recreate the magic again, maybe for our wedding anniversary or something. Last month, the opportunity finally came knocking on our front door when Urban Decay sent me their Alice Through the Looking Glass makeup collection. Woo hoo!

I showcased the colours in a first impression post and the lipsticks in a Wonderland makeup shoot entry. As for the new palette, I figured that if I just do a regular makeover, it would be an absolute borefest. The Disney Geek in me can’t allow that!

Well, now that we have the luxury of time and a complete Alice In Wonderland makeup set, courtesy of Urban Decay and Disney, I guess it’s about time we head back to fairytaleland and write another #Bobbliana Disney-inspired chapter.

This time, the location will be in my humble studio, Honeyz Paint House, and photos by our good friend and also our actual pre-wedding photographer, Yong Thye again!

As for the makeup collection itself, I wanted to make sure you belles get to see the shades applied and matched in the most creative way. Hence, I consulted makeup extraordinaire, Clara Song for her expert advice and to help us style and create the look together.

She did a brilliant job (despite the short notice) – Alice’s doe eyes, Mad Hatter’s gradient lips… Clara simply nailed it!

Without further ado, please allow me to present to you our very own rendition of…

Alice Through the Looking Glass 

Special thanks to…

Clara Song (Makeup)

Yong Thye of Honeyz Paint House (Photography)

Outfit and Prop Styling by Bobby and me.

If you’ve a fervent desire for all things Disney and fairytale too, you’re gonna love everything about this Alice In Wonderland line. The attention that went into the packaging is astounding and of course, the colours are also as fanciful as the Cheshire Cat’s mane.

The combination of neutral and loud shimmery colours makes it the perfect palette to bring on my travels. All in all, the highly-pigmented eyeshadows simply scream stunning!

The lipsticks feel very moist and creamy and do not leave my lips feeling dry, not even the red matte one! I love the variety of finishes each shade produces. The finishes range from sheer, shimmery to matte. Of course, I’m also a huge fan of their rich and bold payout that gives the right amount of drama to the whole fairytale inspired look.

I’ve checked with Sephora Singapore and they do not have any news of this new Disney collection yet. Don’t fret! You can still get your Alice Through The Looking Glass makeup fix through Urban Decay’s official website!

The Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass Palette (USD $60) and Lipsticks (USD $18 each) are now available online at Urban Decay and also at Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta, and Beauty.com.

I hope you had a magical time exploring this new collection with us.

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Your friend, Juliana

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