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Trick Or Treat at Sophisca Singapore, Marina Square

Who else is still not done with April Fools’? I know I ain’t! 😈

That’s why I’m still duping loved ones with my “tricking treats” from Sophisca, Taiwan’s first specialty candy brand that has won effusive praise for creating sui generis confectionery that is both quirky and delightfully tongue-in-cheek!

Pictured above are some “sushi” from my Brown Rice “sushi bento” (玄米壽司便當). Psst! They are actually delicious chocolate brown rice crispy treats!

Told ya they are peculiar. Wait, there’s more!

Read on to check out more April Fools’ inspired treats, their freshly minted store at Marina Square as well as an exclusive promo code just for you!


Sophisca at Marina Square

Let’s take a virtual tour with me around their new Marina Square store!

Sophisca Store 11

This is not an ordinary bouquet I tell you!

Sophisca Store 6

It’s entirely edible! Haha! I’m pretty sure your foodie girlfriend would appreciate this so much more than a traditional bouquet.

Sophisca Store 8

Oh hi! Also meet the beautiful Jody, who was totally occupied with decorating her Sophisca cookies.

Sophisca Singapore Marina Square

Seriously, these are too pretty for consumption!

Sophisca Taiwan

Sophisca Store 3

Ooh.. I’m totally ‘head over heels‘ with this one!

Sophisca Store Glass slipper

This is totally genius! Chocolate high heels! Who would have thought?

This would make perfect treats for any Haute Couture or Cinderella themed party! Haha!

Sophisca Store 5

Sophisca feels like your candy fairy godmother has transformed all your favourite daily objects into mouth-watering treats. Check out these mahjong tile sweets!

Sophisca Singapore

In terms of cute factor, this mini ‘Local Produce’ packaging reigns supreme.

Sophisca Store

The best thing about Sophisca is their use of saccharine (an artificial sweetener) instead of regular sugar in a lot of their products so you don’t have to worry about falling off the diet wagon.

Everything in the store amazed me as you can tell from the photo below. 😛

I was literally like a kid in a candy store! Haha!

Sophisca Singapore 2

Now please allow me to introduce to you the lauded April Fools’ Tricking Treats by Sophisca!

Brown Rice Sushi Bento

Sophisca Store 2

OMG! I wanna eat everything in this store. 😛

Sophisca Store 10

It looks totally like a regular sushi bento on the outside!

Sophisca Store sushi 2

And when you open the package, it unveils 25 dainty chocolate brown rice crispy treats that are made with 100% natural brown rice, smothered with Belgian imported white chocolate! Talk about commitment to taste and quality!

Sophisca Store sushi

The attention to quality doesn’t end here. Each ‘nigiri sushi’ is also individually wrapped  to maintain its freshness.

Sophisca Store sushi 3
Sophisca Store sushi 4

Choco Colouring Pens

Sophisca Store color

Remember the colouring pens Jody used earlier on her cookies? Well, we also got to bring home these chocolate flavoured colouring pens, perfect for embellishing our chocolates, cakes, breads, toasts, etc.

In case you’re wondering, here are the flavours for each colour:

White: White chocolate | Yellow: Lemon chocolate | Green: Honeydew flavour | Pink: Strawberry flavour | Blue: Blueberry flavour | Brown: Milk chocolate

Sophisca Chocolate Color Pens

On top of these tricking treats, Sophisca also generously packed a candy goodie bag for each guest. Yay!

This is now sitting in Honeyz Paint House‘s pantry for my sweet-toothed co-workers. 😛

Sophisca Store sweets

Share and Win!

Win $20 worth of Sophisca Vouchers!

All you have to do is to snap a photo and Instagram your favourite Sophisca sweets at any of the Sophisca stores.

Then follow @SophiscaSG on Instagram, tell them why you love that particular candy and hashtag #iLoveSophisca. One winner will be picked by the team at Sophisca randomly every week.

Exclusive Promo Code For You Belles!

From now till 20 May 2016, quote ‘Juliana‘ at any Sophisca stores during payment and enjoy a 10% discount on your Sophisca goodies!

Sophisca is located at Marina Square Mall #02-32 and Changi Airport Terminal 3, Public Area #B2-42 (opening in May 2016).

For more Sophisca news and promos, follow them on FB (@Sophisca.Singapore) and IG (@SophiscaSG).

Have fun tricking and treating this April Fool’s month!

Your friend, Juliana



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