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The Latest Nail Sensation, Dashing Diva, Has Hit Our Sunny Singapore Shores!


Make a BIG fashion statement this season with Dashing Diva!

Yes, you heard me right. The American nail sensation is back in town! And this time they are back with a bigger bang with their latest Metallic Design Nails on the Go (aka Metallic Nails).

What? You’ve never heard of Dashing Diva? You ought to shoot yourself in the head! Ok. I was obviously kidding.

Dashing Diva was first introduced in the heart of New York City’s Greenwich Village in 2003 and since then, it has captured the hearts of many including Hollywood celebs Beyonce, Katy Perry and Chrisette Michele (whom featured Dashing Diva’s Metallic Nails in her music video, “Goodbye Game.”) with their unprecedented levels of sterilization and their inventive menu of products and services that are also exclusive to Dashing Diva salons worldwide.

Just thought you might be interested to see Dashing Diva’s Metallic Nails in action. Here’s Chrisette Michele’s “Goodbye Game”.

Dashing Diva’s Metallic Nails are to die for. It is a revolutionary new product that hides the imperfections of your nail bed whilst creating the illusion of longer nails with a trendy twist in its design.

So can you imagine my reaction when Dashing Diva Singapore first approached me to endorse their products on my blog?

I was like…

Alright, I totally exaggerated there but I was really thrilled!

Here I am at one of Dashing Diva’s nail salons, Periwinkle.

I invited JW too!

The lady boss who owns the Dashing Diva Singapore line spoke with much enthusiasm when she shared the background of Dashing Diva and its wide range of nail colors and treatments.

During which, she got me all excited too and I was busy taking down notes.

Well, she certainly has an admirable fervor for the brand and its products. 🙂

Anyway, here are some juicy colors to tempt you further.

Here comes the star of the post – Dashing Diva’s Metallic Nails.

You bet, I was caught in a whirlwind of choices. Just look at them!

One word – GORGEOUS.

I’ve always had a penchant for leopard prints so this was definitely my ultimate choice.

Metallic Nails – Can’t Change my Spots

The application is pretty simple.

Step 1: File nails and apply nail softener to push cuticles.

Step 2: Apply cleaning agent to cleanse nails thoroughly. Then slather on the Dashing Diva Skin Guard to prevent glue from having a direct contact with your skin.

All ready for my Diva Revamp!

Step 3: Apply glue to metallic nails and proceed to stick them on nail bed.

Step 5: File and apply cuticle oil and finish off by applying the cleaning agent again.

And then you’re done!

JW is wearing Zoomanity while I’m wearing Can’t change my spots!

I love my new nails! They are a redolent of wildness, classiness and DIVA-NESS!

Alright, enough of the gushing. I’ll let Dashing Diva’s Metallic Nails take center stage.

Ain’t the nails pretty???

They last up to seven days.

During the seven days, I received many compliments from friends and strangers on my Dashing Diva nails. I’ve never gotten this much attention for my manicure, not even when I’m wearing nail polish from the nail incumbents. Three cheers to Dashing Diva!

They are really easy to remove too. Simply soak them off with pure acetone. 🙂

Well belles, if you’re thinking of getting your diva fix too, you can now do so at these nail salons.

There are only 10 nail salons in Singapore that carry Dashing Diva’s products. (Pretty pathetic number I know.)

To rub salt into our wounds, these salons are only available in the central and west area. (!!!!!!)

I live in the East and so I’m one of those who are desiccated from the lack of options.

So if you’re a nail salon owner or a budding entrepreneur who wants to start a nail business, I greatly encourage you to join the Dashing Diva bandwagon.

Well, it’s not solely because I need more Dashing Diva salons to satisfy me but the truth is Dashing Diva’s products not only score in the aesthetics department but also in the usability insofar as that the procedures of the application and removal of the stick-ons are simple, short and fuss-free.

I’m confident that the Dashing Diva line is going to surpass many other brands in the market so come on! Do us consumers a favor! We want more Dashing Diva around the island! 😀

I mean, look at their pretty Metallic Nails!

I know I’ve emphasized ‘pretty nails’ 20 bagazillion times already but don’t you agree that they are irresistibly pretty?!

If you’re interested to carry the Dashing Diva products or would like to find out more about the brand, please contact Dashing Diva Singapore at +65 9679 1234 or email them at

You may also visit the Dashing Diva Singapore Facebook Page for further information.

Webster defined ‘dashing’ as being marked by smartness especially in dress and manners and ‘diva’ as being a glamorous and successful female performer or personality.

So don’t you want to be a Dashing Diva too? *wink*

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Your road to a sparkling lifestyle begins here.

Your friend, Juliana


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