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The Guide to Looking Good from Head to Toe and Zalora x Sampar BlogOut!

What is the definition of a ‘stylish urban girl‘?

Well, I think she’ll have to be a fashion trailblazer and exude style while she’s working, traveling, partying, dating or even lunching. Of course, portraying confidence is key too. So on top of nailing the perfect look for every occasion, she’ll also have to show that she’s got it all – effortlessly!

But who ever said being the stylish urban girl of this century is easy?

It certainly isn’t but perfecting the look from head to toe does not have to be like negotiating a rough terrain. Click for a few handy tips on looking good and feeling better. 🙂 Most people check out your face before the rest of you so it’s important to make sure your skin glows and eyes sparkle all the time.

You want them to gaze at your beautiful skin and not gape at the dull skin and large pores.

So begin your ‘Look Good mission’ by eliminating your dark circles, puffy eyes and fine lines with SAMPAR Paris’ Glamour Shot Eyes (SGD54 for 20ml). Trust me, your peepers will love this! It works like a concealer and eye cream. The texture is very light so it blends perfectly into your skin and you won’t even feel a thing.

And now exfoliate your way to a more radiant complexion with SAMPAR PARIS’ Equalizing Foam Peel (SGD102 for 50ml).

This is indisputably my most favorite SAMPAR Paris product. The alluring lavender scent produces a calming and sedative effect which helps me sleep better after my evening skin care routine. My face also feels clean and refreshed after use.

Dry and flaky skin is the cause of the most annoying problems like wrinkles and zits so hydrate your skin well with SAMPAR Paris’ Ultra Hydrating Fluid (SGD119 for 50ml). It helps skin retain moisture for a longer period of time.

Now that the repair work is done, we brighten our complexion with SAMPAR Paris’ Glamour Shot (SGD74 for 30ml) that corrects and evens out the skin tone. It works like a colorless foundation that smooths and mattifies the skin.

Finally, keep puffy eyes and dehydrated skin at bay with a good slumber!

Having sufficient sleep will only do good for your body – steady weight, good health and brighter complexion. It enhances the efficiency of special growth hormones that repair and regenerate collagen-producing cells, which are responsible for skin’s elasticity and tightness. Skin cells renew more quickly when you sleep so if you don’t rest well, your skin will become dull and lifeless. In the long run, these poor sleeping habits will also result in stretch marks, thinning skin and discoloration.

To prevent such beauty tragedies, remember to go to bed early and have at least seven hours of sleep.

Beauty tip! The best time to apply your SAMPAR Paris products is before you sleep because skin temperature increases when we sleep and this allows topical treatments to penetrate the skin more effectively than is possible during the day.


We’ve taken care of the face and now we go to the body and play ‘dress-up’! 😀

If you’ve a pear shape figure like me, I’ll highly recommend a dress that is fitting on the top and flowy on the bottom to hide the thunder thighs and to give the illusion of longer legs.

I’ve chosen Zalora’s Something Borrowed Red sleeveless Lily Scallop Skater Dress. Besides its figure-flattering cut, its gorgeous cherry hue also compliments all skin tones and brings out your youthful skin.

If you have an apple figure – an ample bust and a weighty torso, you might wanna flaunt those enviable assets with a v-neck dress. This will make your body look slimmer and take the eyeline away from the middle of the body. So instead of looking from side to side, your beholder’s eyes will go up and down. 🙂

Here’s my pick for your body type – Zalora’s Glitter Glam V Neck Color Block Dress! The flattering black panel waistband cinches you in the middle to skim curves and define an attractive waistline.

Lastly, if you have a boyish body shape – this means lean figure, narrower hips and fewer curves, you might wanna consider creating some volume with ruffles and flounce.

I absolutely adore Zalora’s Jovian Femme Dusky Pink Jalova Mini Dress! The peplum details introduces curves by widening the hips to create an hourglass figure. The ruffles on top also make the chest area look fuller. It’s perfect!

And now we complete the look with a pair of slim long legs!

Much to our regret, not everyone is blessed with endless legs like Gisele Bundchen.

But! It’s not end of the world yet! The fortunate news is you can always ‘bluff your way through’ and create coveted long legs with a clever selection of flattering shoes.

Yes. Your choice of footwear can make or break your overall look. Here are some shoes that I think you should definitely have in your collection.

The pointed toe design instantly lengthens your legs by extending the line of the foot with its elongated gold tip.

Nude colored shoes are not only versatile, they also create the illusion of lanky legs by producing a seamless line between the leg and the feet. This makes it hard to tell where the shoe begins and the leg ends. And the result? Longer looking legs!

The SIDEWALK QUERREY Colourblock Peeptoe exposes your toes while making a bold fashion statement with its sculptural heels. Open-toed shoes are the best secret to long-looking legs as they reveal more skin which tends to make your lower limbs appear longer.

Lastly, remember to adopt a good diet and exercise routine and stay hydrated by drinking loads of water. On top of great skin and quintessential style, having a healthy body will also help you radiate beauty and confidence from head to toe.

And we’ve come to the end of my Guide to Looking Good from Head to Toe. I hope you’ve enjoyed the post. 🙂

Oh and also thought you might be interested to know that I’m in the running to become Zalora’s Sampar BlogOut star blogger! Whee!!!

I’ll be submitting this Guide to Looking Good from Head to Toe blog post to the Zalora x Sampar BlogOut Grand Finals for consideration. The blog post with the most number of Facebook likes will win the Star Blogger title!

The contest ends 18 April 2013 so please show me your love and support by liking the Facebook button at the end of the post.

Thank you and have a very good weekend! :*

Your friend, Juliana



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