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The Best Holiday Gift For Her


What’s the best gift for Mommy this holiday season?

* * * * * * || *******

A pampering nail treatment! It’s the best mother-daughter bonding activity!

And the best place to do it? Nail Indulgence De Beau of course!

Don’t forget to give Mommy hand creams to maintain her soft skin after the manicure.

Whee! Our “butler” is here!

Argh! Almost fell.

Thank God for “butler”.

Poor me…

The End.

The colors I chose for my Christmas nails.

Color: Wiggle Finger, Wiggle Thumbs – That’s the way Magic comes

Color: Water Field



Mommy Dearest

The Best Brother in the world



The team at Nail Indulgence De Beau

From left to right: Anna, Lisa, Joey, Me, San San, Wai Fun

This is San San. The talented nail artist.

She did my nails for this shoot. She’s gifted I tell you!

Check out the intricate details on my Christmas themed nail art.

She’s Wai Fun.

She did my mum’s marble french nails.

Another talented nail artist. 🙂

This is Anna. I love her cheery personality and her excellent service oriented attitude.

She is Joey. My bro and I call her the ‘Belle of Nail Indulgence De Beau’.

Finally, meet Lisa.

My bro and I deem her the ‘Hottie of Nail Indulgence’.

She did my pedicure last week.

She spent a pretty long time massaging and scrubbing my feet and calves and exfoliating the heels and balls of my feet. Very attentive service I must say.

My skin felt soft and supple after the treatment. Fabulous.

This attention-grabbing silver color from OPI’s Christmas edition was also her recommendation.

Like the nails?

I have GREAT NEWS for you.

Quote ‘Honeyz‘ at Nail Indulgence De Beau (uBeau) to enjoy a gelish nail manicure at $28. (The original price is $50.)

That’s not all! You can also enjoy an additional 10% discount on other services such as nail art, classic manicure, pedicure, etc.

So ladies (and gentlemen), bring your mommy, grandma, girlfriends and aunties to Nail Indulgence De Beau this Christmas too! With these low rates, everyone can afford to be pampered with manicures and pedicures!

Nail Indulgence De Beau (uBeau) is located at No. 1 Liang Seah Street, #02-14. (Opposite Bugis Junction)

You may call them at +65 6333 1687 for an appointment. (Remember to quote ‘Honeyz’!)

Click here to view their Facebook page!

This Christmas, make Mommy the ultimate Nail Goddess!

Your friend, Juliana



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