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Tackling the Gradient Eyeliner Trend

This season, we leap and bound to style with the gradient eyeliner trend!

We’ve seen gradient/ombre trends everywhere, from hair, clothes, accessories and even nails, but gradated makeup is still a rather unexplored realm in the beauty world. Or at least in this part of the world.

Beauty gurus all over the globe have been spotted with graduated eyeshadow looks and the Koreans have even taken it to the next level by extending the ombre fashion to their lips!

Well, we can’t lose out! 😛

They say the eyes are the windows to our soul so today, let’s be the harbingers of a new makeup era and express our inner style-loving feelings with some really cool graduated liner looks too!

Click to join the beauty revolution! 😀 Remember this palette that our artist, Rusty was holding at our Honeyz Cube Belles photoshoot?

Well, I’m going to use it to produce all the looks for today’s post.

Rainbow Queen by Front Cover Cosmetics

I bought the makeup kit from Sephora last year for the photoshoot and forgot all about it afterwards. So it has been hiding in my stash for a very long time until I rediscovered it during my mid-year spring cleaning session. Haha!

And I realised… it’s a diamond in the rough! Check this out!

It features this groundbreaking clear liquid eyeliner called ‘Shadowline’ which turns any eyeshadow into eyeliner. Simply swipe it on your eyeshadow and it will change its texture to a gel liner form. Then apply it to the lash line as an eyeliner! Pretty awesome, eh?

Here’s a full view of the makeup kit by Front Cover.

Also love its gorgeous iridescent eyeshadow shades.

General rules to creating gradient eyeliner:

– Use hues of the same color family.

– Line the inner corners of the eye with the lightest shade.

– Then continue with medium shades and finish the line with the darkest shade.

– Blend all shades by sweeping a liner brush over the line. Use gentle strokes as you want each color to stand out and not merge into one.

And here we go!

Our First Look – Purple Rain

Click to enlarge image.

Shades used:

Lightest – Moonlit Mauve

Medium – Ether

Darkest – Big Dipper

Second Look – Aquamarine

Click to enlarge image.

Shades used:

Lightest – Satellite Silver

Medium – Ivy Moon

Darkest – Supernova

Third Look – Back to Earth

Click to enlarge image.

Shades used:

Lightest – Solar Wind

Medium – Fireball

Darkest – Lava Lamp

Bended the rules of ombre for this final look.

I used shades of a rainbow instead of tones of the same color family. And the final result?

My Fourth Look – The Rainbow Connection

Click to enlarge image.

Shades used from inner to outer corners of eyes:

Tangerine shade from L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Les Ombres Quad S4 Tropical Tutu, Aurora, Fireball, Ivy Moon, Ether

It’s subtle yet unbelievably eye-catching! Here’s how it looks from a distance.

I hope you’ve had as much as fun as I did.

You could also try tones from other color families. Tag me on instagram at @Anastasialove22 if you do! I wanna see them all! 😀

Meanwhile, for more exclusive content on makeup, skincare, fashion or to receive the full gamut of privileges as Honeyz readers, like my Facebook Page at or follow me on my Instagram (@Anastasialove22)!

Your friend, Juliana


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