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Summer Lovin’ In The UK

My recent vacation once again proved that it’s a real super power to look totally on fleek when you’re on the go.

Seriously, fashion goals can only be achieved if you’re lugging a huge suitcase and sleeping five hours a day – because you’re spending the rest of your time picking out the next outfit, doing your makeup, styling your hair and travelling.

Sheesh, just how do these fashion bloggers come up with a cornucopia of stylish ensembles every time they’re on holiday?

To top it off, the summer weather I experienced in the UK this time was also pretty atypical. Think low temperatures and extremely cold winds. Oh wait – is that normal UK weather?

This meant that I needed to prepare more covered up clothes like… pants.

Well, I’m never a fan of long garments as they usually bring attention to my not-so-flattering-looking thighs. Pfft!

Thank heavens that fashion labels are now coming up with more high waisted bottoms that are perfect for creating the ‘legs for days’ illusion. Haha!

So despite the inherent challenges of looking fashion-forward on vacation, I managed to come up with a few looks that I was absolutely happy with. Woo hoo! Let’s rock and roll!

Scroll down for my archive of vacay looks!

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Quaint Old English Town


Pants: Agneselle

Shoes: Melissa

Photography by Bobby Stryker

Hello Humber Bridge


Shoes: Melissa

Accessories: Pierre CardinBag: Chanel

Photography by Bobby Stryker

Meet The Shambles


Shades: Chanel

Accessories: Kate Spade New York

Photography by Bobby Stryker

70s Glam

Ditching the fascinators for oversized floppy hats!


Hat: H&M

Photography by Bobby Stryker

Sun Shower at Peak District


Top: Agneselle

Shades: Chanel

Scarf and Accessories: PrimarkShoes: Office

Photography by Bobby Stryker

After we were done with all the crazy hopping and running around for the photos, we noticed this sign:


I literally put my life on the line for these photos. It could have been a ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ episode for us. Just glad we made it out alive. 😛

Anyway, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

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