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Streetdirectory Launches New Mobile App


When you lose your way… When you don’t know what and where to eat… When you don’t know when the next bus is arriving… When you don’t know how much is that cab fare…

Don’t fret.

Because help is on the way!

And I’m talking about MAJOR help here… from Singapore’s most popular web mapping and business directory service –!

I’m sure most of you have heard of or visited but do you know that the web directory has also released a new mobile app that not only helps you navigate around the city with ease but also calculate your transportation fares, recommend interesting places and eateries (highly raved by bloggers and visitors), “check into” locations with your phone while earning rewards and many more!

Basically, this incredible app acts like a travel buddy who helps you discover the best of our island city with an impressive coverage of recommended points-of-interest such as restaurants, shopping malls, tourists attractions, hotels and even on-going events.

Without further ado, please go to your App Store and download the Streetdirectory mobile app.

And I’ll walk you through the different functions and features. 🙂

Oh… did I mention the app is free too??? 😀

Installed? Great. Here we go!

First things first, set up your account via Facebook.

Here’s why this is important:

1) It allows you to add your favorite points-of-interest so that you can always keep track of their latest happenings.

Each business page contains practical information such as opening hours, address, contact details, price range, and a built-in map application.

2) With a account, you’ll also be able to post latest reviews (known as Tips in Streetdirectory language) of places that you’ve visited.

Each tip you share entitles you to reward points that you can use to redeem attractive prizes from!

Here’s more.

The top poster (with the most points) will also get to win SGD1,000 in cash every month! Woohoo!

This is how your post will look like on the Tips page.

Since I turned on the ‘Share to Facebook’ button, my review was also posted directly to my FB page.

Besides reviews on restaurants and salons, several altruistic posters have also provided traffic news. These posters supply information on traffic accidents such as their time and exact locations. It is almost like a live traffic feed!

All thanks to this feature, I’ve avoided several major traffic jams on motorways.

To locate the exact spot of the accident, simply pinch to zoom in and out of the map. The detailed street maps are fully retooled for the iPhone with location awareness and multi-touch controls.

Here comes my most favorite feature of the app.

The ‘Nearby’ feature.

This feature gives you access to information on businesses that are near you at the moment.

This is great for ‘explorers’ like me who constantly need to dine at a new eatery or explore new shopping avenues.

Here’s how it works.

I tried locating salons that were nearby and the following screen appeared.

So I clicked on Mary Chia salon and was brought to the map and subsequently, her business page.

My favorite category of the ‘Nearby’ feature is the 24 Hours Business where I can locate the nearest convenience stores and locksmith services. This is useful information for possible emergencies.

You can choose the preferred distance of the business within your vicinity.

The app also allows you to share this useful navigation information with your family and friends by simply clicking the ‘Send’ button.

You’ll also get to calculate the costs for different modes of transport and the amount of time needed to get to your preferred destination!

How cool is that?!

Psst! When the info is all laid out like that, it will also help you to solve all internal debates on whether “money or time” is more important. Haha!

To top it off…

If you’re taking public transport, the app also displays information on bus services and their arrival times!

Haha. This is a fantastic app I tell you.

No more poor journey planning and perplexing maps. wraps up all the functions of famous apps such as Iris, Google Maps and Taxi Lah in an intuitive and easy to use app where everything is only a few touches away.

It also plays the role of a mini travel guidebook that gives you the latest reviews on shopping, restaurants and places of interest!

I’ve also downloaded it onto my iPad!

Android users, you’re not left out! The app is also available for your phones!

I downloaded the app onto my friend’s Samsung Nexus and this is how it looks on an Android phone.

Sidetrack… (This is not part of the advertorial.) Speaking of, I’ve been working closely with them to give you the most up-to-date news and reviews on beauty salons and services in Singapore.

Besides geographical information, recently expanded its scope to provide more value-added services through unbiased reviews of businesses from bloggers.

Remember my post on Jabelle De Beaute? My visit was specially arranged by the folks at

Despite the sponsorship nature of my visit and experience, I was advised by the guys at both Jabelle and to be as impartial as possible in my review post. Kudos to them!

I’m thankful for the partnership with because…

I have made many new friends…

With Grace of

… and discovered many great salons in Singapore and living la dolce vita!

I thought the project and mobile app is a great idea to connect the businesses directly to the customers. It helps the business gain exposure and the customer to make informed purchase decisions.

If you’re a business owner or would like to contribute to the reviews, please contact at

Alright, I’m heading out to dinner now. Hmm.. where should I go?

Where’s my phone???

Your friend,




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