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Spa Infinity: An Island Retreat Indoors!

Sponsored Review

Last month, I took a short spa vacation amidst the bustle and hustle of Orchard Road.

Despite the absence of balmy breezes, sunshine and relaxing sounds of ocean waves, I still found bliss in a luxurious whirlpool tub, spacious steam room and a slew of invigorating body massages.

Forget the sun and sand. Melt the lingering stress and tension away with swoon-worthy services by Spa Infinity.

Psst! I’m giving away free facials too! You wouldn’t believe it. The luxurious oasis I am talking about is located just behind this badly painted door…

… and across this carpark at the basement of Far East Shopping Centre.

Tadah! And here we are!

Enter the premises and you’ll be immediately greeted by the warm smiles of the Spa Infinity staff.

Spa Infinity is actually an affiliate of Spa Symphony (SS) which I reviewed earlier so I thought the spa exuded the same luxuriant essence as SS with its lush facilities and services.

I was also glad to hear that the therapists at Spa Infinity are also certified and well-trained in providing spa services. Kelly of Spa Infinity assured me that their treatments use only high quality natural ingredients that are eco-certified and suitable for all skin types. Most products are made in France and awarded by the renowned International Beauty Institute.

And now, to enjoy the Spa Infinity experience to the fullest, play this and take a quick pictorial tour with me!

The spa gives off a natural rainforest aura with its relaxing ginger scents, soothing meditation music and generous pots of green plants that can be spotted at every corner.

There are also comfortable massage beds that are hidden behind ‘bushes’ for quick stress relief.

Spa Infinity adds a dash of the tropics to the already awesome experience with warm fruit teas that are served before the massage.

I also explored the bathroom and was awed by the large jacuzzi, steam room and comprehensive range of toiletries provided in it.

The walls and platforms were distinctively designed with shiny tiles and tiny pebbles to complement the resort design of the spa.

The changing room was also aptly equipped with lockers, robes and hangers.

My six-hour spa experience commenced with a beauty assessment with the Spa Infinity therapists where I addressed my skincare and body concerns. I was also asked to fill out these forms for their records.

My heavy workload has made me fall victim to stress related symptoms like indigestion, headaches and back aches. So Angeline of Spa Infinity suggested that I use Life Source’s Essential Oils Body Elixir to treat the symptoms.

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of rubbing oil all over the body as they tend to clog pores and cause breakouts on my back. Angeline assured me that the oils are non-pore clogging as they are water soluble which allows the pores to ‘breathe’ even after applying multiple layers on the skin.

The oils are mainly made up of high concentrations of Oleic Sunflower Oil, Rice Bran, Almond Oil and Vitamin E.

These are some of the uses of the oils.

Angeline has chosen ‘HEAL’ for my massage to target the stress-related pains and discomfort.

And here we go!

Warning! Gratuitous topless shot coming up next!

My massage was executed by Zhou Hua, an experienced masseuse who’s served thousands of satisfied customers over her 9-year career.

I get frequent migraines so Zhou Hua also rubbed my temples and the area above the arch of my brows to relax the muscles. She even taught me some basic massage techniques to prevent future headaches! How sweet. 🙂

After two and a half hours of friendly banter and therapeutic massages with Lifesource products, Zhou Hua treated me to a heavenly Green Tea Thermal Detox Mask that relieves body aches, aids digestion and circulation.

Zhou Hua laid a loosely woven gauze sheet on my back and applied a warm layer of green tea mask on it. I’m a big matcha fanatic so the rich green tea aroma of the mask sent me to seventh heaven instantly.

In case you’re wondering, the key ingredients of the mask are french seaweed mud and green tea. Long term usage helps reduce fat storage, boost metabolism and relieve aches and pains. It is best used to curb stress, back or shoulder aches and belly fat.

If you’re looking to reduce cellulite and firm skin, you could also request to add organic products from Centella into your mask. The main ingredients in Centella products are Pure Spring Water and Centella Asiatica.

There are a thousand great benefits of the Pure Spring Water. Some of them include improving blood circulation and skin cell regeneration, promoting collagen proliferation, accelerating skin healing and reducing formation of fine lines.

Centella Asiatica, which originated in Asia and Madagascar, is used to lighten acne scars and pigmentation, accelerate skin healing, erase fine lines, promote collagen synthesis and prevent premature aging.

Feeling refreshed after the salubrious session.

Before I went on to my next treatment, I was invited to the Spa’s very own diner for a quick lunch.

The diner offered some pretty cool culinary choices such as sandwiches, glutinous rice and ice-cream!

And I chose this mouth-watering Tom Yam soup! Haha!

It wasn’t on the menu but they offer daily specials and that day, the special item was my favorite Thai Tom Yam soup!

After a hearty and fulfilling meal, I proceeded to my next treatment that was administered by the lovely Chloe.

I was asked to choose a facial treatment for this session and I chose to experience the goodness of the Bian Stone Gua Sha facial again. You can read about my full review of the facial here.

The Bian Stone Gua Sha facial is actually the brainchild of Albert who’s also the Training Manager of Spa Infinity.

I met Albert during lunch and he explained the advantages of using the bian stone instead of machines for treatments. According to him, the stone has a warming effect which creates ultrasonic wave pulses to enable skincare products to penetrate deeper into the skin. Massaging the bian stone on the skin will promote circulation of oxygen-laden blood that in turn helps to clean the pores and dissolve toxins. This not only helps you achieve healthier complexion, it also slims and firms the face effectively.

Since this is his baby, it’s no surprise that the man himself is a regular enjoyer of the Bian Stone Gua Sha facial. Albert is more than 50 years old and this is his face after years of Bian Stone treatment. :O

‘Nuff said! Where’s my Bian stone? I need a thorough facial treatment now!

I had CC cream on so Chloe removed it with a a mild herbal aroma conditioning plant make up remover that did not contain chemicals and colorant.

She then measured the distance between my nose and jaw. It’s 4.6 inches before the treatment.

After some cleansing, exfoliating, extracting and bian stone massaging, she measured my face again. The distance between the nose and jaw was shortened to 4.5 inches. Amazing!

Does my face look sharper? 😛

What’s a facial treatment without a facial mask?

Chloe applied the H2O mask which is power packed with antioxidants that help fight free radicals, slow down the effects of aging and encourage collagen production for healthy, glowing skin. Read more about it here.

And I’m done!

I’ve turned on the flash to give you a clearer view of my face. I thought it was glowing with radiance. What do you think? 😀

Thanks Chloe!

Do you suffer from headaches, joint, neck, back or any other musculoskeletal pain?

These could be due to various factors such as muscle strain, injury, poor posture, etc. Well, to get a more accurate diagnosis, you could also visit Spa Infinity’s in-house Chiropractic Clinic that is managed by Dr. Alexandros Karaplis.

According to Dr. Karaplis, the most common causes of headaches are dysfunction of the joints in the neck, stress, bad posture and visual strain. And after some examination, he deduced that my neck had a slight deviation to the right side which may in turn be the reason why I get headaches now and then.

The deviation is a result of my bad sitting posture as a consequence of sitting in front of a laptop and typing everyday. Geez. Never knew blogging has occupational hazards too.

To rectify this, he suggested using my less dominant hand (which is the left hand) to move my computer mouse. He also highlighted the importance of maintaining the natural forward curve of the lower back with ergonomically designed chairs or cushions that provide back support.

Dr. Karaplis provided many useful tips that afternoon on correcting and restoring spinal instability and strengthening spinal muscles. If you would like to relieve your body pain and improve your posture without medication or surgery, you may want to consider Chiropractic. For further info, consult their FB page at

Dr. Karaplis did some chiropractic adjustments and recommended that I use the jacuzzi and steam bath to relax the stiff joints and muscles after the session.

And so I did! 😀

Just when you think it can’t get any better. 😛


It is evident that I had a great time at Spa Infinity. Despite its lavish treatments and facilities, it’s not a frou frou establishment. The spa delivers top-notch service and effective wellness programs that are not only therapeutic but also surprisingly affordable – most facials at Spa Infinity cost SGD250 or less.

Both therapists, Chloe and Zhou Hua also seemed pretty happy and contented with their jobs and constantly sang praises of their boss and the managment team of Spa Infinity. Well, happy employees make happy clients. I was smiling from ear to ear throughout the treatment. Trust me, you’ll love its positive atmosphere too.

4.5 Honeyz crowns!

Spa Infinity is located at 545 Orchard Road #B1-22 Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882. Contact them at +65 6738 0069 for appointments. Visit their website at for further info about their services and promotions.

Exclusive for Honeyz Belles!

Spa Infinity wants to treat two lucky belles to their Rejuvenating 60-min Organic Facial (worth SGD130)!

The Rejuvenating Organic Facial uses miracle herb Centella Asiatica to aid skin renewal, smoothen skin’s texture, lighten acne scars and dark spots, encourage collagen production to erase fine lines and to prevent premature aging. And it includes a relaxing pressure point massage to promote better circulation for luminous, glowing skin.

And guess what? The chosen winners will be entitled to two facial sessions each!!!

All you have to do is like Honeyz’ Facebook Page and Spa Infinity’s Facebook Page.

Then share this photo (see Honeyz’ Facebook Page) and tag five of your friends in the comments box.

Contest ends 28 August 2013, Wednesday 10pm. Good luck!

Behold a beauty miracle with Spa Infinity!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

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