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Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain

Up, up and away!

This Summer, Sephora decided to add a whopping 16 new shades to their much sought after Cream Lip Stain collection, bringing the total assortment to an astonishing total of 21 colours!

Say what?!

That’s not all, folks! Despite its matte texture, its avocado oil-based formula stays put on your lips even when you’re sipping your fine coffee at Starbucks!

The only ‘downside’ is their price. It’s gone from $24 to $19! Haha! Gotcha!

Now the only way is UP!

So here’s an UP themed swatch to help you kick start your beauty adventure! Have fun!

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain

Now let’s try the colours!

Sephora upped the ante and suggested I try the colours that I don’t usually wear. Nice one! Challenge accepted!

So here we go!


No. 20 White Iris


No. 25 Coral Sunset


No. 28 Night Bird

Photos by my talented Instagram Husband, Bobby Stryker at Honeyz Paint House.


I’ve been moving away from matte lipsticks and totally embracing their creamier and glossier counterparts since last month.

However, Sephora Collection’s new releases totally drew me back again with their quirky colours and non-drying formula. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Infused with avocado oil and Vitamin E, the creamy texture of these cream lip stains kept the lip cracks at bay and efficiently hid the unsightly wrinkles away from the world. The colours also compliment each other super well so you can totally wear two or even three colours at the same time and create your own unique look!

5/5 Honeyz crowns for these new wonder wands by Sephora!


Thank you Sephora!

Psst! I’m wearing No.13 Marvelous Mauve in this photo!

The Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stains are now available on and Sephora stores islandwide at $19.

May your day be as amazing as your lipstick! 💋

Your friend, Juliana

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