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Salon Review: Tokyo Bust Express Review


“It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle!”

I exclaimed upon receiving the above results.

Confused? Read on to find out!

I’m blessed (and cursed) with a less-endowed figure so I’m constantly looking for outfits that can conceal this ‘imperfection’ and flatter my body shape.

As mentioned in my many fashion entries, I usually wear ruffled tops or heart necklines to make up for the lack of rack. What limited wardrobe choices I hear you say.

Well, you’re right!

A true fashionista should never allow her figure to dictate her fashion. So I began searching for a long term solution. Nope, surgery and implants are not on the list. I’ve heard enough of the risks and horrible aftermath of breast surgeries so these are definitely a no-go for me.

Since going au naturel is the only way for me, a possible remedy would be natural bust enhancement treatments. I’ve heard these treatments produce ‘miraculous results’, hence I have always been curious as to how the bustline can be reshaped without employing needles and going through invasive procedures.

So two awesome weeks ago, my wish was realized when Tokyo Bust Express invited me to their freshly opened outlet at City Square Mall, #B2-39 for a long awaited answer.

I was given a very warm welcome by the lovely folks of Tokyo Bust Express – besides a soothing cup of tea, I was also presented a beautiful stalk of white lily that is now sitting comfortably on my TV console.

Before the commencement of every treatment, the therapists of Tokyo Bust Express will conduct a breast analysis and consultation to understand our current condition and our expectations from their bust treatments.

My consultation was conducted by Evonne who’s been with Tokyo Bust Express since its inception five years ago. Evonne really knew her stuff. During the consultation, Evonne also conducted an enlightening ten-minute lesson on the structure of breasts, the ways to maintain them as well as a rundown on the key ingredients of the treatments. I thought she sounded more like a Biologist and Chemist than a Bust Enhancement Therapist. Haha!

Here are my takeaways from the short session.

This is the structure of our breasts.

Many of us have the misconception that our breasts are made up of fats only so this naturally also leads us to think that our weight has a direct relationship with the size of our boobs.

Well, we’re half right.

Our breasts are made up of fats, lobules, areola and etc (see photo above) which forms the mammary gland. When we lose weight, we also lose the fats in our breasts. So if your breasts are largely made up of fats, your cup size will probably shrink by a great deal when that happens. However, if you have large lobules, weight fluctuations will not affect your bust size. This means that our breast size is chiefly determined by the size of our mammary glands.

Tokyo Bust Express treatments targets these mammary glands and seeks to improve their size to achieve desired results.

To define the ratio of fats to lobules in my boobs, Evonne conducted a ‘breast examination’ by feeling the breasts and underarms with the fingers. Then she measured the distance of my boobs to the center of my collarbone and also the distance between them.

These were the measurements and below is my explanation.

If you would like to lift sagging breasts, you should seek to reduce the distance between the boobs and the center of the collarbone.

And if you would like to reduce the wideness of your boobs, your treatment should aim to reduce the distance between the boobs (length of base of triangle).

After a thorough bust analysis, here’s Evonne’s verdict of my current condition:

  1. One boob is slightly lower than the other.

  2. Small bulges near armpits (armpit fats)

  3. Boobs are mostly made up of fats (sigh…)

Every Tokyo Bust Express treatment is customized to address the unique requirements of each individual. I’ve asked for a bustier and firmer chest as well as a reduction in armpit fats, so Evonne proposed the Bust Odoroki Therapy that promises to deliver results with a collagen scrub, a shaping and contouring massage, gel mask and suction therapy.

With this, I proceeded to my treatment room in a comfortable robe provided by Tokyo Bust Express.

The cozy room was softly lit and nicely sprinkled with rose petals which created a very romantic ambience.

Here’s a happy me wrapped in a soft and comfortable robe and standing in a lovely room and holding the most beautiful flower. I’m in paradise I tell you!

Tokyo Bust Express brings comfort to the next level with these soft and comfy bedsheets that are exactly the same as the ones I have in my room. I felt homey for a while. Haha!

Okay correction. They bring comfort to the next universe!

Tokyo Bust Express had installed bed warmers in their beds to make sure that customers are comfortably tucked into their warm beds before the treatments.

Talk about first class service!

Let the treatment began!

The therapy began with a soothing neck and shoulder massage by Bust Therapist Taylor.

Did you notice Taylor’s firm and generous bustline???

Taylor has been with Tokyo Bust Express for a while. She told me she was very impressed with the results delivered by the Tokyo Bust Express treatments so she decided to join the team to help girls realize their ‘busty dreams’. 😀

And since therapists of Tokyo Bust Express are expected to go for regular bust treatments to firm, lift and upkeep their breasts, her shapely bust should come as no surprise. 🙂

After the massage, I was given a collagen scrub to unwind, cleanse the pores and to prep my skin for the serums and creams that follow.

The serums and creams mainly contain phytoestrogens.

In case you’re wondering…

The three major hormones that are responsible for breast and female body development are Estrogen, Progesterone and Prolactin.

To make up for the declining levels of estrogen, phytoestrogens, a group of chemicals found in plants that can act like the hormone estrogen, are commonly used in the Tokyo Bust Treatments to reduce menopausal symptoms, promote cardiovascular health, bone health, breast health and to prevent breast cancer.

Other active ingredients in the treatments include:

  1. Fenugreek Seed Extract (Prevents cancer)

  2. Mexican Wild Yam Root (Excellent source of beta-carotene and diosgenin, which are powerful phytoestrogens that aid breast development)

  3. Humulu Lupulus (Hops Flower)

  4. Dang Gui Root (Balances women’s hormone levels)

  5. Pueraria Mirifica (Contains high levels of phytoestrogens)

Once I was done with the scrub, I was given another massage – this time to shape and contour my breasts. Taylor employed traditional Japanese massage techniques to ‘push armpit fats downwards’ and to reshape my bust.

This breast enhancement massage helps the lymphatic system drain those pent up toxins and prevent them from building up and contributing to cancer or other ailments.

My pain threshold is rather low so this process was slightly uncomfortable for me but it was still bearable.

Next, Taylor gave my bust a lift by first applying gel on my boobs and then placing a device that delivers gentle electric pulses on my chest.

Taylor made sure I was okay by periodically asking if I were comfortable with the tingling sensation or if I needed the pulses to be gentler. 🙂

Lastly, I received a suction therapy that gave my chest a final boost before I left the treatment room happy and satisfied.

Here’s the improvement from my two-hour treatment.

Pretty significant eh?

Basically, this means my boobs are less wide and saggy. Beside figure improvement (pun intended), there were also physical improvements. My boobs felt firmer and looked rounder. The armpit fats were also visibly reduced.

I couldn’t be happier with the immediate and excellent results. 😀

Thank you Evonne, Taylor and Jiefang for facilitating this!

Left to right: Evonne, me and Taylor

Beauty Tip!

According to Evonne, armpit fat is migrated breast tissue that is caused by ill-fitting bras. So she encourages all girls to wear a good supportive bra at all times to prevent armpit fats and sagging breasts.


The high level of thoughtfulness of the staff and their professionalism left me dumbfounded. Throughout the process, I did not feel any discomfort or uneasiness.

The results of the treatment were also astonishing. After the massage, I could already see obvious differences and I thought I was gonna cry. Of course I did not go from a small B to a D cup. My boobs were only slightly bigger than before but the firmness and shape improved by twofold at least. I can now slip into any dress without feeling inferior about my less-endowed figure.

According to Evonne, my mammary glands reacted very well to the treatment – much better than average. Well, this also means results may vary for every individual. Likewise, you have to be realistic with your expectations and don’t expect over-the-top results when you visit the breast enhancement center. The treatments aim to improve and maintain your current bust condition in the most natural way. Anything more you’ll need surgery.

That said, I still strongly encourage you ladies to give this breast enhancement treatment a try. Tokyo Bust Express is ahead of the curve (this time, no pun intended) in the bust enhancement industry and it utilizes the safest techniques and natural ingredients to help you attain the most alluring curves. So visiting the salon before your year-end parties, wedding or any important gathering is your safest bet. 🙂

Guess what?

Tokyo Bust Express would like to give Honeyz Belles two bust enhancement treatments to try for FREE!


Special Honeyz Readers Joy! :

  1. 2 COMPLIMENTARY Bust Volume-PLUS Treatments worth $888

  2. EXCLUSIVE FOR CITY SQUARE MALL: FIRST 88 customers get a COMPLIMENTARY Starter’s Kit worth $488

You may text, email, call or deposit your contact details to book your appointment and enjoy the “Special Honeyz Readers Joy!”.

– Deposit your details by clicking here. – SMS ALTokyo_FullName_NRIC to 85330226 – Call 6262 6161 to book an appointment – Email your details HZTokyo _FullName_Contact_NRIC to

Don’t forget to mention ‘Honeyz‘ when you book your appointments.

Terms and Conditions to apply: – Females above 18 years old and above only – Treatment voucher applicable for non-promotional services only – Strictly by appointment only. – Promotion valid for 2 months

Tokyo Bust Express Locations:

  1. City Square Mall – 180 Kitchener Road #B2-39 Singapore 208539

  2. Park Mall – 9 Penang Road #11-06 Spore 238459

  3. Nex Mall – 23 Serangoon Central, #03-32 556083

  4. Novena Square 2 – 10 Sinaran Drive #B1-111 307506

Book your appointment with Tokyo Bust Express and you’re well on your way towards that sexy and curvaceous body!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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