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Salon Review: My Little Nail Space by Ginza

Sponsored Review

Besides chunky accessories and pretty hairdos, beautiful nails are also important adornments to complete a stylish appearance.

And big kudos to, who gave me a nice salon treat to dress up my nails!

This time at My Little Nail Space!

It is a bright Friday afternoon and to make it even brighter… I’m on my way to My Little Nail Space at Whampoa West for a nails revamp!

I’m not familiar with Whampoa area so not surprisingly, I felt lost the moment my train arrived at Boon Keng MRT.

Whipped out my phone for directions.

Courtesy of app

With the assistance of my app, I left Boon Keng MRT via Exit B, headed right towards the block of flats and arrived at the salon within three minutes. 🙂

Jean (the owner of My Little Nail Space) came out to receive me.

Haha! I felt like a celebrity!

I entered their premises and was immediately overwhelmed by the hundreds of nail polish colors at their reception.

I’m super into interior design right now, and I’m all for Edwardian decor and intricate Victorian details. So I can’t help but notice that they did not use the traditional chandelier for their Edwardian theme. Instead, they opted for a planet-like lamp as the room’s centerpiece. Very creative.

The overall look was refreshing and very welcoming.

Then I was promptly ushered to my seat for my nail treatment.

I sat beside Samantha (a regular Nail Space customer) whom I thought had a really nice pair of legs and a set of gorgeous toe nails.

Don’t get me wrong. I do not have a feet fetish.

But she did have nice toes and nails. See for yourself!

At this juncture, I noticed that the Nail Space nail technician was decorating Samantha’s toe nails with beautifully drawn flowers.

She was like a Nail Picasso!

Check out the “canvas”!

No photos of Samantha as she was very shy so more photos of her tootsies and nails!

The final product!

Incredible skills. Now you know where to go for hand drawn nail art!

Nail Space has many nail art catalogues like the one shown below and I was asked to choose my favorite nail design from one of them.

While I was trying to rack my brains to decide the design I want, I noticed Jean’s gorgeous french jeweled nails.

And I immediately made my decision. 🙂

Now let’s get down to work!

Winnie (my nail magician for the afternoon) carefully removed my ‘pink and pearls’.

Winnie applied acetone on my nails with a cotton pad then wrapped my fingers with tin foil.

Alien fingers!

Cut, file, buff!

Nail and Hand Harmony’s Gelish ‘Black Shadow’ was used for the tip.

Then my nails were sent to the LED Lamp (aka oven) for curing. This will dry the gel polish within seconds without smudging.

Winnie added gelish color ‘Water Field’ for the glittery effect.

Winnie thought my nails weren’t glittery enough so she went all out and sprinkled bigger glitters for a disco ball effect.

And after some curing…


Winnie was such a perfectionist. During the filing and trimming, she made sure that every detail was taken care of – cuticles were pushed back, peeling skin were removed and nails tips were shaped neatly.

She also applied several coats of polish to ensure a long lasting finish. Even though the session took longer than usual, I was thankful that nothing was overlooked as my nails looked perfect afterwards!


I always had the impression that black polish is a nail fashion faux pas. Somehow, I thought they might make nails appear shorter and stouter or look too spunky on our dainty fingers.

Well, I guess I was wrong. Black nail polish can create more flattering proportions. My nails did not look shorter, instead they looked elegantly longer.

Thank you Nail Space for the wonderful service and ‘nail color enlightenment’. Haha!

All in all, I love the friendly atmosphere and cozy environment of the salon. I also like that the salon offers a vast array of nail polish hues to choose from. For their great service and talented nail technicians, 4 Honeyz crowns!

Great news nail fashionistas!

My Little Nail Space is offering the following discounts for first timers:

Classic Manicure & Pedicure at SGD 42

Gelish Manicure & Cuticle at SGD 30

Express Manicure & Pedicure at SGD 22

Their branches:

Blk 34 #01-51, Whampoa West, 330034 Tel : +65 6291 2672

People’s Park Complex #03-02, 1 Park Road, 059108 Tel: +65 6536 1622

For further information on their services and rates, visit their website at or Facebook page.

Have fun and I’ll talk to you soon!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest.



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