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Salon Review: House of J Nails

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Psst! I discovered a gem! And it’s in my neighborhood!

Click to find out more but do not tell anyone! 😛

I aspire to be a bona fide nail fashionista and I guess it is evident from here, here and here.

However, each nail makeover usually requires an immense amount of time and effort because usually, I have to travel at least 20 miles to the heart of the city (Orchard Road or Bugis) to receive my regular manicure. Most of the time, this entire process steals five hours of my lifetime.

So last month, I began hunting for a good nail salon that is within my vicinity.

Thanks to my Street Directory app, I managed to discover this hidden gem that is nestled amidst the friendly neighborhood of Woodlands.

The salon is situated along Woodlands Street 31 (opposite Woodlands Polyclinic) inside a hair salon called Hair Spot.

Besides quality and location, cost is also a determining factor so I requested for the price list before engaging their services. I was elated when I saw the numbers. Believe me, you would too.

The general price line is rather low and very competitive among other nail salons within the area.

Well, I guess there’s nothing to nitpick about. Located only 3 miles away, competitive prices, 2-in-1 salon, what more can I ask for?

I walked into the salon and was instantly greeted by the sounds of hair dryers and the cheerful banter of the Hair Spot salon staff and customers. This definitely lifted my dying weekday spirits.

House of J Nails is discreetly located at the back of the salon in a small and comfy room. When you enter the cozy premises, this is what you’ll see…

Yes, that is it. Two bright blue floral armchairs, a TV set and rows and rows of nail polish bottles.

And this is how Jenni, the owner of the House of J Nails has managed to keep prices low and affordable with a simple and modest nail parlor. But fret not. Despite its humble settings, the nail parlor is well equipped with the latest nail colors, manicure and pedicure tools.

This was the state of my nails before my treatment.

I know I know. They were mangled and horrifying to look at. And the worst part – we are well into December and I still had my Halloween nails on. Haha!

But I can explain! I had gelish nails on both my hands and feet and due to my busy schedule, I haven’t been dutifully visiting the nail salon for a manicure. Hence, they’ve been tortured by my heavy coats of nail polish (to hide them) and excessive typing and finger tapping activities. 🙁

You’ll be glad to know that the unsightly nails did not frighten manicurists Jenni and Kelly. In fact, they managed to turn them into this!

Pretty impressive eh?

The process took about 3 hours during which a fake nail was attached, healthy-looking nails were created and of course a girl’s life was transformed for the next 3 days or so. 😛

It all happened when I told Jenni that I’m in the girly mode these days, so I’m craving for a little lace in my life. Taking these into account, Jenni intuitively picked OPI’s Do You Lilac It, Misa’s Sorry Just Can’t Help It and these beautiful lace stickers to give my ten ugly fingernails a much needed makeover.

With her connoisseur’s taste in art, Jenni customized this feminine and elegant masterpiece for my fingers.

Yes. I said ‘customized‘. One enormous advantage of patronizing House of J Nails is – you’ll never be spotted with the same design as another House of J Nails customer or probably anyone on the street. Well, this is because Jenni customizes every nail art design to make sure every customer gets their own unique and beautiful set of nails.

So no repeats. I repeat. NO REPEATS! 😀

For my dull looking toenails, I chose China Glaze’s Custom Kicks to perk them up.

My toenails were nicely and carefully filed and painted by the talented Kelly of House of J Nails.

She imparted many nail care tips that afternoon and one key advice was – always try to keep toe nails dry to prevent them from chipping and developing fungal growth. This means avoid wearing damp socks and dry your nails well after shower.

Kelly often updates her Instagram with her latest works of art so for more nail art ideas, conduct a search on the photo app with her Instagram handle – kellytyl and follow her! 😀 And finally, a group photo to remember this wonderful session!

Left to right: Kelly, Jenni and me.


My manicure exceeded the three-day lifespan of traditional nail polish and stayed in good shape for five days instead! I credit this wonderful phenomenon to the professional techniques and good nail polish of the nail technicians of House of J Nails. Other winning factors of House of J Nails include low price lines, warm service and great location (for “northern heartlanders” like me).

3.5 Honeyz crowns!

For your very own unique set of nail design, visit House of J Nails at Blk 306 Woodlands Street 31 #01-47 Singapore 730306. Also, check out their awesome collection of nail art designs and a complete list of services and promotions via their website at

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Your road to a sparkling lifestyle begins here.

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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