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Renewing My Skin At Body Wellness

The best foundation you can wear is healthy glowing skin.

That’s why I’ve been visiting my beauty fairy godmothers at Body Wellness to give my skin a full workout for a healthy-looking glow.

My facial regime at the day spa began with their popular Oxygen Infusion Facial, a thorough, no-frills facial that involves a lot of moisturizers to reboot the skin. To maintain the radiant glow, I continue to patronise the spa every two months to upkeep my facial regime.

Their friendly staff always make me feel right at home. After 90 minutes of pure indulgence each time, I’m ready to run the world!

Healthy skin = heathy mind = happy life!

In case you’re worried that these facials could be major money pits, I’m happy to let you know I’ve an exclusive promo code for you belles as well as, wait for it…

A whopping THREE facial treatments to give away to three lucky ladies!

Haha! Scroll down for a more in-depth review of my experience at Body Wellness and all the juicy deets for the contest!


Welcome to Singapore ‘s leading ladies-only day spa, Body Wellness. I’m here at their Winsland House branch.

Let’s take a quick tour around their ginormous premises!

body wellness review

The second you walk in, you’ll be able to catch a lingering whiff of calming essential oil in the air. This instantly clears your mind and lifts your mood. And this is how everyone’s treatment at Body Wellness begins. 🙂

body wellness review

I guess you’re not a full-fledged spa if you don’t have giant jacuzzis. 😛

There are several rooms with huge jacuzzi tubs like this to give us lucky customers the ultimate spa experience after a long hard day. Cowabunga!

Body Wellness 18

Before administering the facial treatment, I was led to this consultation room where my skin was analysed and my skin concerns addressed by their experienced beauty consultants.

Beauty tip!

Always remember that a thorough skin examination is an imperative step before any facial treatment. You wanna make sure that your treatment does not aggravate any existing skin problems and is adjusted to your skin’s unique needs.

I’m always a fan of facial salons that conduct a consultation and skin analysis before executing their treatment. If the salon does not do that and proceeds to give you a seemingly cookie cutter treatment, vacate yourself from the premises immediately!

Body Wellness 27

Now we head to the treatment room!

Body Wellness 1

As you can evidently tell, nature’s colours take centre stage in the design of the spa.

There are a lot of green and woody colors to make every guest feel like they’ve walked into Mother Nature’s sanctuary.

Body Wellness 2

As soon as I’d changed into their comfy towel robe, I was ready to roll!


After tucking me into their warm bed, they proceeded to help me relax my senses by massaging an aromatic face oil on my temples, forehead and shoulders.

Body wellness review 3

When all the tension was cast away, they began the facial treatment proper by removing my makeup with a thorough cleansing routine that involved two types of cleansers, a milk cleanser and a gel cleanser.

Body Wellness 4

Despite using two cleansers, my skin didn’t feel dry or tight. According to my therapist, Liz, both cleansers were made up of very gentle formulas to make sure they did not strip my skin of essential moisture and healthy oils whilst they removed all the gunk off my face.

This was my face after a lot of cleansing, massaging, steaming and lots of blackhead extracting. It still looked pretty shiny and glowy.

Body Wellness 9

Body Wellness 10

Since my pores were pretty congested, the extraction process was a little longer and tougher than before. It also left behind these red and angry-looking spots. To calm the redness down, Liz whipped out the star product of the day – Innovelle Cyto Cell Botanical serum for this next treatment.

It’s supposed to relieve the redness and restore the skin’s moisture level.

Everyone gets their own little bottle so you can be sure your face always gets the freshest products.

Body Wellness 19

To make sure my skin fully absorbed the product, the serum was applied with their Oxygen Infusion machine which literally pushes the nutrients of the product into your skin.

I’ve tried Oxygen Infusion facials before and always thought that the pressure they use is too strong for my skin as I’d feel uncomfortable during the treatment and even break out in rashes afterwards.

I highlighted this concern during our consultation and the Body Wellness therapists assured me that they would deliver the oxygen at a bearable pressure without compromising on the results of the treatment.

So here we go!

Body wellness review 4

The infusing felt like cold air was being bulldozed into my skin but I was surprised that it didn’t feel uncomfortable this time. Instead, it felt quite relaxing. The  redness also faded slightly after the treatment.

Next, we target the eyes! I was given an eye mask to reduce the puffiness around my tired looking peepers.

Body Wellness 13

And while I was enjoying the nourishment of the eye mask, my therapist wasted no time in giving me a soothing neck and shoulder massage to send me into a dream-like trance.

Body Wellness 14

And finally, my fatigued skin was given another moisture boost with this hydrating sheet mask.

Body Wellness 15

Yay! Now I’m shining bright like a diamond. 😛

My skin actually felt velvety smooth right after the treatment and it remained like that for the next couple of days. It was also a tad greasier since most of the pores were now clear so my sebaceous ducts could freely ooze oil out of my pores again. Haha!

And if you think that’s a bad thing, then you might need to think again. On the contrary, oilier skin is actually a good thing because this means your skin is less congested and the oil producing glands can function normally, to naturally lubricate your skin. This in turn maintains a healthy level of sebum in your skin, your natural oil.

Your face needs some grease to keep the skin properly hydrated by preventing excessive water loss.

Body Wellness 16

For the ladies who worry about walking out of the salon looking less than stellar, you’ll be happy to know that Body Wellness also has a makeup room that is well equipped with beauty and hair tools to keep your makeup and mane looking immaculate after the treatments.

Body Wellness 21

Body Wellness 20

Here’s a sneak peek at their products from their in-house brand, Innovelle, specially formulated with natural ingredients to meet the skincare needs of modern city-dwelling women who are juggling it all.


The treatments are mostly 60 minutes long and since the salon is located conveniently in the heart of town, it’s the perfect place to pop by during lunch time for a beauty fix.

Well, you can’t blame me. After a busy morning in the studio, a lunch hour beauty pick-me-up simply sounds beatific. 😛

Second Visit

Body Wellness 38

So here I am back for another pampering session with the Body Wellness folks a few weeks after my first treatment with them. I was served their signature homemade ginger tea before my session.

Body Wellness 29

Cleanse, massage, treat, mask, REPEAT!

Body Wellness 30

Body Wellness 31

Body Wellness 32

Here’s the thing I noticed about therapists at Body Wellness, they do not just dot the products on your face and then rub them in casually. It almost felt ritualistic how they apply serums and creams with a full massage to make sure your skin enjoys every ounce of the product’s goodness and not a drop is wasted. 🙂

Body wellness review 5

Body Wellness 35

Yay! I think my skin is looking better than ever. Thank you Body Wellness for all the love.

Body Wellness 36

Body Wellness 37

If you’ve been neglecting the well-being of your skin, maybe it’s time to check into beauty rehab and give your skin its much needed TLC at Body Wellness too!

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And now you can experience the goodness at a fraction of the price yourself!


Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

Even though going for salon treatments can help to improve some of our skin conditions, you have to do your part too in maintaining a healthy balanced diet, sleeping well, exercising loads and staying happy!

Keep sparkling, my lovely belles! ✨

Your friend, Juliana

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