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Online Shopping Review: Jooix and Exclusive Discount Code for Honeyz Belles!

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I know Christmas is still miles away but since I’ll be meeting the future in-laws again during the festive season, the hunt for the perfect present is now full on.

This time, I wanna let them feel the pulse of our melting pot culture by showing them more of Singapore.

So I’ve been searching high and low for gifts that well present Singapore’s flavor – it could be our food, colloquial language or jocular art expression. Basically, anything that is uniquely Singapore.

And I was really lucky to be able to find a local gift store that fits the bill. Think Nyonya Kueh sticky notes, Singlish notebooks, Choy! charm necklaces and Bak Chang five stones.

Click to find out just how local it can get! 😛 So I got to know about this e-store when I received a pretty cool surprise in the mail a couple of weeks ago.

It was a nicely-wrapped parcel from an up-and-coming store called Jooix.

Jooix is a highly-curated fashion and beauty e-commerce startup that was launched in 2011 and based out of Singapore.

Its name, Jooix is inspired by the phrase ‘joie de vivre’ which means joy of living. Unlike typical e-stores, Jooix is design-centric, and full of delectable gems from Luxembourg, Bangkok, South Africa, New York, just to name a few.

Jooix is somewhere between luxury and indie. This curious mix stems from Angelina Seow, Jooix’s Founding Director’s lifelong love affair with all things unique, pretty and eclectic.

Speaking of unique and pretty, do you remember this angel wings cup I was holding in this video?

I got it from Boutique Pylones at the Louvre, Paris.

I was charmed by its neon colored angel wings so I bought two of them. But I accidentally broke one of them when I was getting out of a taxi hurriedly. 🙁

I was really upset and B wanted to contact Pylones and ship another angel wings mug from Paris to Singapore. 😀

I appreciated his sweet gesture but firmly rejected the idea as it’s too costly for a mug.

But guess what???


Yes! Jooix carries one of those cute angel mugs too! When B saw it, he was like ‘I gotta get five of those now!’

Hehe. 😛

Thanks to Jooix’s direct relationships with designers, manufacturers and established retailers, it is able to bring in fresh, quirky, inspiring selections with uncompromising quality from all over the world!

Now aren’t you curious to find out what’s in that parcel already?

Here’s the big reveal…

Say hola to my new Kan Cheong Spider watch!

For our non-Singaporean belles’ info…

“Kan cheong spider” is a Singapore colloquial term for a person who is always anxious and constantly on their toes.

Nobody knows why spiders are “kan cheong” but chasing time and timelines are indeed what many Singaporeans are familiar with.

The fun-looking timepiece brings the meaning of kan cheong spider to the next level with a face that reads ‘KAN CHEONG’ and a sweep hand that is replaced by an eight-legged freak that helps to keep time on a transparent disk. Coolio!

The watch is designed locally by a Singapore design community known as FARM.

FARM houses a collection of affordable, relatable art that includes exclusive pieces from the Singapore Art Museum. Besides the clever Kan Cheong Spider watch design, it also offers nostalgic totes with adorable food-inspired prints, mosaic playground pins and stationery that takes the form of traditional Singapore snacks. Click here to see more of those witty and practical collectibles!

I’ve been wearing my Kan Cheong Spider watch to meetings and parties and I’m surprised at the attention I’ve gotten so far because of it.

However, the watch band was pretty hard when it first arrived. Strapped around the thick and rigid band, my wrist felt a little uncomfortable. My wrist joint was also slightly bruised from the tugging and pulling when I took off the watch.

The bad experience didn’t last, in fact, it improved after the first time. The band became softer and was much easier to handle. The watch now fits like a glove. 😀

Overall, I love the extensive range of products in the store. My only gripe is its complex category lists. Otherwise, it is a great site that brings you the best gifts from all over the globe at a click of a button.

3 Honeyz Crowns!

Anyway, B and I are really excited about this new store and we’ll prolly be getting stuff for our friends and family from it soon… with a discount of course.

Jooix is offering a 15% discount* on any purchase of 2 items or more on their website when you enter coupon code ILB15.

*This code will remain valid until 31st August 2013 and it’s available storewide, excluding any items that are on sale.

Now shop away at!

I guess most of you have seen this famous poster of Leo with his beloved Tag Heuer watch.

Now let me reprise the look with my Kan Cheong Spider watch! Haha!

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Your road to a sparkling lifestyle begins here.

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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