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From Personalised Perfumes to Mouth-Watering Grub! Here Are My Current Faves!

Juliana Stryker Favourites

Hello July! This is your month to shine!

It's a brand new month of possibilities that includes a major office revamp, a new Flow home workout ebook and... wait for it... Halloween planning!

Even though it's a 'go go go' kinda month, I still want to make sure I dedicate time for self-care and self-indulgence to restore some balance in my lifestyle. Here are some things that keep me happy while I get through this goal-crushing month. Hope you'll see something that tickles your fancy too!


Maison 21g Paris Singapore


One of my favourite activities is to take a leisurely stroll, stroll down memory lane that is!

I found myself revisiting a time when the coolest thing in the world was Britney Spears and Paris Hilton releasing their very own signature perfumes and how I wished that one day I might be able to do the same!

Well, thanks to Bespoke French Haute Perfumery, Maison21g, that day is now and not just for me but for everyone!

Taking into account not only what scents you like but also what traits and experiences you value, Maison 21G allows you to curate your very own signature perfume, right down to the design on the bottle! I love it!

The icing on the cake is that Maison 21G is an ultra-clean and conscious brand using a minimum, yes minimum, of 90% biodegradable materials in their perfumes, sourcing natural ingredients, transparently and sustainably! Even their gorgeous bottles are refillable and reusable while the fragrances themselves are preservative-free, cruelty-free and vegan!

Psst: Interesting tidbit alert! Way back in 1907 a Dr. Duncan MacDougall hypothesised that our souls have an actual measurable weight and looked at how much weight was lost when a person passed away and one of the most memorable results was 21.3 grams! The name Maison 21G makes direct reference to this, promising to encapsulate the scent of your soul in exquisite 21-gram bottles! Interesting stuff!

Muse over to or skip down to the Maison 21G flagship boutique at 77 Duxton Road to release your own creative spirit with a custom perfume creation!

Do you recognise that classy bunny on my bottle?

Be sure to quote “ilovebunnynet” for 15% off yours!


Neutrogena Bright Boost Range

Neutrogena Bright Boost Range

Shine bright like a diamond! 💎

Neutrogena press kits never fail to surprise me every time with their inventive ways to promote a more wholesome lifestyle. This time, they curated a 7-day self-care hamper with every day meticulously planned out to remind us to take care of our physical and mental well-being.

We start the ball rolling with the Neutrogena Bright Boost range, formulated with Neoglucosamine, a non-abrasive, non-acid amino sugar that gently exfoliates while boosting surface cell turnover and works in harmony with other effective skin-brightening ingredients for brighter and more radiant skin in 7 days.

Neutrogena also made sure we nourish ourselves from within with a refreshing tea and jump rope for a productive workout day. They also included a silk sleep mask to block out light for a restful night which is vital to achieving brighter complexion.

Now all that's left to say is... cheers to brighter days ahead! 🥂

The Neutrogena Bright Boost Re-texturizing Serum (S$29.90), Bright Boost Gel Cream (S$27.90) and Bright Boost Overnight Cream (S$33.90) are now available at all leading supermarkets, Guardian and Watsons and online on Shopee.


Eucerin UltraWhite Spotless Double Booster Serum
Eucerin UltraWhite Spotless Double Booster Serum
Eucerin UltraWhite Spotless Double Booster Serum Review

Eucerin UltraWhite Spotless Double Booster Serum

While I love seeing the sunny, bright blue sky every morning, I don’t like seeing more and more new dark spots on my skin, no doubt a consequence of our sunny Singapore climate.

I figured there are only two ways to combat the dark side of sun exposure! First, to become a creature of the night and avoid the sun altogether or second, go under some kind of harsh laser treatment!

Well after using Eucerin UltraWhite Spotless Double Booster Serum for one month, I’m overjoyed to be able to announce a third option!

Containing Thiamidol, Eucerin’s patented ingredient, this Double Booster Serum blocks the enzyme tyrosinase which is involved in melanin production in our skin causing dark spots and pigmentation! The Serum also contains 40x smaller Hyaluron for unbelievable hydration! The consequence is that after just a month of use, my skin was noticeably more radiant and translucent with visibly diminished dark spots!

To prevent all this being undone, I added Eucerin Sun Serum SPF50 PA+++ into my daily skincare routine. I love the light texture and my skin drinks it up like a dream while the same patented Thiamidol ingredient, paired with UVA and UVB protection, helps to prevent new dark spots from forming and fade existing ones! Talk about a winning combo!

Radiant and clear skin is just two products away folks, try them both and see for yourselves!


Sudio Tolv
Sudio Tolv Review

Sudio Tolv

They say in one ear and out the other...

Well, with the Sudio Tolv true wireless earbuds, it’s more in the ear and straight to the heart!

Classy and chic, these lovebuds offer amazing sounding audio but it’s all the stuff that is out of sight, out of hearing and out of mind that makes the difference!

I’m talking about their new graphene drivers for better sound, the 35 hours of battery life, their automatic pairing feature, their compatibility with Siri and Google assist, their 3-year international warranty and of course their 30-day no questions asked return policy!

Available in white, black, green, anthracite, pink and pastel blue, all that’s left is to choose the right colour for you!

Psst! Quote <juliana15> for 15% off at Sudio. Have fun and keep sparkling!


belif Aqua Bomb Products
belif Aqua Bomb Products Review

belif Aqua Bomb Products

Serve up some powerful hydration with your summer high tea this year, courtesy of belif’s newest additions to their best-selling Aqua Bomb collection!

Continuing their unique tradition of combining herbal practices with Korean skin science, the belif Aqua Bomb Vita Water Cream and belif Aqua Bomb Smart Cleansing Oil Balm are just what the skin doc ordered!

The Cleansing Balm goes from being a balm, to a cream and then an oil to remove even the most stubborn makeup while simultaneously quenching your derma-thirst, like a deliciously refreshing summer iced lemon drink for your skin! I'm definitely adding these to my skincare arsenal this summer season.

The belif Aqua Bomb Vita Water Cream, 50ml S($72) and belif Aqua Bomb Smart Cleansing Oil Balm, 100ml S($57) are now available at selected TheFaceShop - Nature Collection stores.

Have a bomb-astic summer, belles and beaus! 🌞🌻🍋


Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Face Cream
Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Face Cream Review
Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Face Cream Review

Dr. Barbara Sturm Super Anti-Aging Face Cream

I thought I was done with zits and teeny bopper skin problems since I'm already in my 30s. 🤨

Nope, nature is not going to let you off that easily. 😅 Irregular sleep schedules and prolonged n95 mask use have reopened my Pandora’s box of skin problems.

Now almost every new product I try makes me break out for a few days before I can enjoy the full benefits. Pfft!

Since trying Dr. Barbara Sturm's Hyaluronic Serum a few weeks ago, I was able to enjoy some form of normalcy on my skin. Dr Barbara Sturm is widely renowned for her anti-inflammatory philosophy and her non-surgical anti-aging skin treatments so when they asked if I were keen to try their Super Anti-Aging Face Cream, I leaped at the chance.

The face cream was developed using a unique biomimetic formula that strengthens the skin's natural protective properties. The cream uses precious anti-aging ingredients that target and support the skin's physiological mechanisms, which diminish with age. An anti-aging molecule protects the skin, while Meadow Knotweed Extract restores the complexion’s natural radiance. Purslane activates the skin's antioxidant system and biopolymers from Plankton stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Short and long chain Hyaluronic Acid molecules provide potent hydration, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This cream is the ultimate anti-aging solution that promises to leave your complexion looking fresh, youthful and radiant.

The cream is quite rich and with just a small dollop of the product, it covers both my face and neck evenly without leaving a tacky feeling. In case you're wondering, no breakouts so far and my skin feels hydrated and plump after application.

Thank you Dr. Barbara Sturm for instantly upgrading my nightly ritual with this personalised robe, mulberry silk sleeping eye mask and Super Anti-Aging Face Cream! 🥰


Hey! Chips
Hey! Chips Review

Hey! Chips

As the weekend rolls around once again and I’m getting ready to binge some catch-up tv, I find myself craving for some tasty treats to nibble on!

Instead of the usual popcorn, this weekend I’m getting in my fruit and veg thanks to Hey! Chips and their delicious non-potato chips!

Hey! Chips uses miracle VF (vacuum fried) tech to make these delicious chips, allowing the veggies and fruit to retain all their taste and nutrients without the toxins other food prep methods can create!

The okra, broccoli, mango and pineapple chips are a true taste treat!

Hey! Chips makes this stuff locally with full traceability to support local produce while ensuring we get the yummiest possible treat on our coffee table when friends and family come over!

Let’s tuck in! Crunch!!!


I hope you guys had fun going through my favourites list. What are your current favourites? Share with me by commenting below!

Meanwhile, keep sparkling you guys! Till next time!

Your friend,



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