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Indulge in some Insta-Beau Buffet!

Instagram Photography is officially my new favorite hobby!

I’ve been trying to hone my skills as a product photographer for my beauty encyclopedia, but what seemed like pure work initially turned out to be a helluva lot of fun!

Taking photos everyday actually gave me a different perspective about my surroundings and help me stay in tune with my camera.

Not only do I understand my camera’s functions better now, the things that once looked mundane also appear more interesting. Be it furniture, lighting, little trinkets… They all look like they could jazz up any photo! Inspiration is everywhere!

So I thought I could flex my newly acquired skills in this post by sharing some favorite captures I’ve posted on Instagram. I’m calling it the Insta-Beau Buffet Series since I’m pretty sure I’ll be posting similar entries soon.

Now click to check out what I’ve whipped up in the past few weeks!

Captions included! 😛

“This is the sweetest invitation I’ve ever received! Thank you @cremesimon for the delectable macarons! Creme Simon, an iconic French-heritage skincare beauty brand founded in 1860 is launching its new Asia campaign from Singapore tomorrow! 

Keep your eyes peeled for more details! #cremesimon #instamakeup #paulandjo #ysl 

Cute Kitty clutch from @ashlapin.”

“Always look on the bright side of life. #jacquelineburchell #nailpolishes #colors #happy

“Look! It’s a purse! It’s a case! No, it’s Super-Makeup-Brush-Holder! 

“Whee! New #Apivitasg Sample Bundle Packs up for grabs at my beauty encyclopedia,! 

Psst! Only for my beloved IG followers, enter promo code ‘APIVITAHC’ to receive 50 cube points instantly! Sshh! Don’t tell anyone! Happy sampling! How to redeem: Go to Click on the Rewards tab, then Beauty Bundles. And click add to cart! 

“New lippies in da house! Aww.. I’m so in love with these lustrous shades! Will be doing a makeup tutorial with them soon! #ilovemakeup #lipstickaddict #lipstick #ysl #laneige

“There’s juice cleansing, tea detoxing and now meal replacing milkshakes! I was sent these meal replacement shakes by #Orbis

Checked the ingredients list and realized it has a rather high carb and low protein content. Not sure how it’s gonna work but the multi-vitamins in it sure looks promising. Gonna try it this week and update my progress on the blog. Stay tuned!”

“After infinite hours of typing, here are some essentials to pamper and style up my overworked fingers. Body Shop products c/o my dearest friend, @violetmusings. Whee! Thank you darling! #beautydirectsg #jacquelineburchell #leadersinsolution #thebodyshop #lucia

“It’s a bright red world! New season, new faves! What are your favorite colors this fall?  #bobbibrown #lippies #lipsticks #ilovemakeup #red #fall #autumn

“One of my most favorite CC creams just got a facelift! 

The Rachel K ‘CC Renew’ cream is free of parabens, non-comedogenic and most importantly, cruelty free, with improved coverage! 

I’ve been using it for weeks and I’m loving its new formulation that minimizes the appearance of pores and evens the skin tone effortlessly. I’ll be providing a full review on my blog soon. Thank you @rachelkum and the #rachelk team for the products and personalized cards!“

Share your Honeyz Cube loot (redeemed/purchased items) on Instagram and receive complimentary cube points! 

Simply take a photo of the items you have purchased from our cubestore or redeemed from our Rewards Catalogue. Then post them on Instagram with the following message: “Follow @HoneyzCube to discover the best of the world of beauty and earn goodies for yourself along the way! #honeyzcube

“And this marks the beginning of fall! Here’s @makeupstoresingapore’s Autumn collection! Woo hoo! Thanks guys! 

“Curlers, mascaras and extensions are not doing my lashes any favor. So I’m giving them extra TLC with these best selling #Talika lash care products.  I’ve checked many reviews online and confirmed that they are undisputedly the best in the lash care market! Woohoo! Thank you #talikasg and @modgam for the products! I’ll be sharing my review on the blog soon so please stick around! xoxo”

“My must-haves for an upcoming staycay! #SamouraiWomen travel kit [available on @honeyzcube] and #orbissg sunscreens! What are your fave travel essentials? #Orbis #orbisjapan #samourai #honeyzcube

“Back to work with Miss Piggy! Happy Monday everyone! #antimondayblues #honeyzcube #workdesk #ysl #happypig

So which is your favorite photo? 😛

For instant Insta-Beau Buffet updates, you know where to find me – @ILoveBunnyNet.

I’ll be doing an instagram photography tutorial next. Meanwhile, if you’ve any instagram photography tips, please please please do share with me by commenting below!

Thanks and adios!

Your friend, Juliana



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