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Honeyz Travel Tips: Things To Do On A Plane ( A budget airline, that is)

Always bored on a plane? In particular, a budget airline’s airplane?

I hear you!

‘Honeyz Travel Tips’ to the rescue!

Today, I’m going to interject my fashion reviews with this post on things non-aerophiles can do when they are bored on an airplane.

Budget flights = No frills flight -> This also means NO entertainment, space, food or service.

So it can get really boring and even claustrophobic at times. Alas, it is still a mandatory process we have to go through before we get to paradise (I’m assuming you’re going on a holiday.)

Well, fret not! Eradicate that boredom with the following tips. (This might be good for aerophobes too. Good form of distraction.)

First up.. before the plane takes off…

1) Apply skin moisturizers!

That is like the utmost important thing to do as air in an aircraft is much drier than air on Earth and this can cause dehydration. (Dehydration can cause dry itchy skin, bloodshot eyes and a dry and irritated nose.)

The dry air in the cabin also strips your skin off its much needed moisture and this happens the very minute you board the plane!

Not good.

So load up on moisturizers (preferably the serum type) and drink lots of fluids to prevent dehydration.

2) Next, buckle up!

And this is demonstrated by pretty Zel.

Next up.

3) Take loads of pictures! (Before the plane takes off, that is. You don’t want to cause interference with any communication equipment of the plane. )

To kill boredom and to calm nerves caused by aerophobia.

4) Check out the inflight menu!

Most of them are pretty expensive anyway.

5) So probably good to eat your ‘smuggled’ food.

OR! 6) Try the pastries offered by the airline.

Other random things you can do…

7) Compare buns with your neighbor. (No pun intended)

Hmmz.. the right bun looks more bloated than the left one

8) Since you’re in mid-air now, great time to take pictures of the huge marshmallow clouds outside your window.

Slow flight…. yawn…

Feeling sluggish?

9) Go to sleep!

Flying is the best time to catch up on sleep.

Can’t sleep??

Wait! I have more suggestions!

10) Polish your silver jewelry!

I bet you never had time to polish those oxidised silver. This is the best time to do it.

11) Check out the inflight reads!

There are pretty good inflight magazines on the plane.

Perfect time to check out great DFS deals – perfumes, cosmetics, alcohol and interesting accounts of other travel destinations by the airline travel magazine.

12) Chat up with your neighbor!

Great time to practice flirting. 😛

13) Play with your ipad!

Use this time to practice mahjong skills, compose a song, watch a movie, etc.

Bored playing alone on your tablet?

14) Invite your neighbor too!

Challenge them to a game of chess!

This is actually my first installment of ‘Honeyz Travel: Beautiful Bali Wedding’. I attended my good friend, Wenny’s wedding in Bali recently. And I thought it is one of the most beautiful and romantic weddings that I’ve ever attended.

So I’m documenting my trip to her bali wedding with a series of Honeyz Travel posts.

Check out the preview of the next ‘Honeyz Travel: Beautiful Bali Wedding‘ post.

Hills and waters beneath a veil of sunlight. Beautiful eh?

Picture Credits:

(In order of appearance)






MC and Ken


Thanks guys for starring in my post.

Meanwhile, I hope you gorgeous ladies are looking forward to my next Honeyz Travel post already. (They could provide great ideas and tips for your wedding or honeymoon! :P)

Thanks for reading and have a great flight! I mean night!

Love, Juliana



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