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Honeyz Travel Review: InterContinental Hua Hin Resort

Have you planned your next beach vacation yet?

It’s gloomy winter again.

I’m certain that many of you have planned to escape the chilly winds of winter and travel toward warmer climates.

For those who are already en route to your chosen beach resort, have fun and snap lotsa photos!

For those who haven’t, I have a suggestion for you – Hua Hin, Thailand.

Hua Hin is a famous beach resort town that is located in the northern part of the Malay Peninsula, 200 km south of Bangkok.

To get there, you’ll have to fly to Bangkok (as there are no direct flights to Hua Hin from Singapore or anywhere else), then take a bus, train or rent a car to travel to Hua Hin. The journey by car takes about 3 hours.

For further information on travel options, click here.

Here’s a pictorial account of my trip to Hua Hin last Christmas.

I arrived in Bangkok (BKK) late on Christmas night so I checked into Conrad Bangkok Hotel.

Here’s the beautiful Conrad lobby.

Check out the gigantic Christmas tree!

Visited the pool.

At the poolside. Another Christmas tree!

Yawn. This is getting boring.

Whee! This huge snowman livens up my spirits again!

Come! Give me a hug!

Oops… tummy growled.

And the hungry monster heads out to dinner.

I was at a really cosy restaurant near the hotel but I can’t remember the name of the restaurant.

The food was brilliant especially the Tom Yam soup and the soft shell crabs.

Soft Shell Crabs

Toured the streets of bangkok in a cute tuk-tuk (auto rickshaws).

Back to the hotel.

Love the spacious and lavish design of the room.

I was given a rubber ellie!

Spot the cute rubber elephant!

Another cute elephant from the hotel.

After a good night’s rest, I’m all ready for my Hua Hin Adventure!

All prepped!

Took a cab to Hua Hin from the hotel.

After an exhausting three hour drive from Bangkok, I arrived at InterContinental Hua Hin Resort.

The staff were very warm and welcoming and the lobby was beautifully decorated with silver tinsel reindeers.

I stayed at Room 3102 which boasts a modern resort design, a patio that overlooks a private pool and entertainment systems that provide in-room movies.

The humongous bathroom.

The patio.

I like that the room provides ample natural light.

Very beautiful bedsheets!

Took a stroll outside the room.

The poolside.

These girls were really good.

They reminded me of the string quartet, Bond.

I took some videos of the poolside area. It was an impromptu decision so the video clips are slightly jerky. No “play-by-play” either. To compromise the bad quality, I mashed them up and added some music.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure. 🙂

The pool was amazing especially the jacuzzi which has three portions as shown below. The different portions offered different temperatures – Hot, cold and lukewarm.

This is a picture of the In-Pool Jacuzzi by night.

Courtesy of

I grabbed this picture from as I did not take any photos of it in the evening. (I was too busy soaking myself in the pool 😛 )

It was beautiful in the night as the three areas were lighted up with dark blue representing cold water, red representing hot and light blue for lukewarm water.

I’m sitting on Santa’s slay!

The beach was so-so. The sand was soft, fine and white but the waters were dirty and unclear.

This was a nice rooftop balcony above the restaurant, Azure, that overlooks the pool and the sea.

At the spacious and clean hallway.

Dinner at Pirom, a traditional Thai Restaurant that offers authentic Thai food by a famous Thai Chef.

I can’t recall his name but I remember that he provided excellent service. He explained the making of each dish and the ingredients used and even served us personally!

Rise and shine!

I spent the morning playing with the motorized curtains.

Easily intrigued. 😛

I could see the restaurant from the patio.

Took a dip in the pool. Didn’t like the experience at all.

The water was salty and there were some impurities in the pool. The main pool near the beach front was so much better.

Walking in the clouds…

It’s almost time for lunch!

The cabana behind me belongs to the Pirom Restaurant.

I dined there the night before. This is how it looks like in the day.

I’m on a tuk-tuk again!

I went to the famous Chao Lay Seafood Restaurant for lunch.

Love the tiffany blue chairs and table cloths.

And the beautiful sea view.

And of course, the yummylicious menu!

There was another pier restaurant beside Chao Lay but it was rather empty.

The Restaurant Pet!

Hey kitty kitty…!

When you’re in Thailand, you ought to try Tom Yam Goong in every restaurant!

Let’s dig in!

Going home!

Dreadful three hours car ride back to Bangkok. 🙁

My ‘last meal’ in Thailand…

This was taken in a restaurant at the airport. I can’t remember the name.

Tom yam again!

Goodbye Thailand! I’ll miss you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Honeyz Travel Review.

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With this, I wish you a great 2012 filled with much joy, happiness and fortune!

Enjoy the new year booze! (Don’t drink and drive though.)

Your friend, Juliana


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