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Honeyz Market – The Official Online Store of Honeyz

I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

– Tammy Faye Bakker

Hi belles,

How are you this evening?

Well, I’m feeling great as I’m finally launching Honeyz’s new online store – Honeyz Market.

Before I dive into the deets of the store, please let me share with you how the idea of an online store for Honeyz was conceived.

I’ve been review blogging for five months now and throughout this time, I’ve used many products that I thought were fantastic for you ladies (and gentlemen) but not widely available due to their location or complications in their distribution rights.

I travel extensively too and during which, I always discover nifty items that are pretty and cheap but not readily available in Singapore.

So you’ve guessed it. All these factors sparked the idea of an online store that houses highly recommended beauty products, fashion paraphernalia as well as interesting and affordable items that I import from overseas for you ladies. How great is that?!

According to Wikipedia, retail therapy is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer’s mood or disposition.

Haha. I hope these give you belles enough reasons to indulge in some ‘Honeyz retail therapy’ already. 😛

And now, please allow me to introduce to you Honeyz Market’s first beauty product up for grabs – Sara Shantelle’s Head CPR.

Yes. I love the product so much that I actually sought its distribution rights. 😛

No. 1 Selling Product of the Year in Taiwan.

Introduction No.1 CPR Oxygen Therapy contains RNA, DNA, Amino Acid and Vitamins that deeply cleanses hair follicles and scalp using natural herbs to prevent blockage and clogged oil. It contains antioxidant vitamins and trace elements which helps to remove excess oil and balances sebaceous glands to promote healthy hair. It helps to solve hair loss problems without any side effects. Scalp oil secretion is particularly strong during summer especially with hot humid weather. It is easy to build up oily scalps, dander, dirty scalps and hair with a residue of dust and dirt. This Head CPR has a wide range of ingredients to help treat hair and scalp issues. It includes dandruff, oil balance and scalp allergy. Its cooling sensation effect feels minty, refreshing and one of a kind.

Directions Apply on hair scalp and massage for 3 minutes without wash. Shake well before use. Suitable for all hair types, include sensitive scalp, oily scalp and hair loss.

FOUR Benefits of Hair and Scalp Care:

PURIFY: To stimulate head blood circulation, with Wild Ginseng extract for scalp cell generation. REBALANCE: Maintains head pH balance and prevents dandruff. COMFORT: Cooling minty sensation helps to reduce migrain, headaches and stress. VITALITY: Improves hair density and stimulate hair growth.

Ingredients Hyberbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Nitrogen, Bergamot, Hamamellis, Gensin, Rose Extract, Ficus Religiosa, Mint Extract and Verbena Officinalis.

Volume 330ml (which can last up to 3 months on average)

Retail Price in Singapore: S$79 Payment method: Cash on Delivery

Note: We ship internationally too. Email us at for international shipping rates.

To order, simply fill in the form below or visit Honeyz Market.

Select the item(s) that you wish to purchase. Sara Shantelle Head CPR

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Your DetailsName:

Email Address:

Mailing address:

If you require further information or clarification regarding Honeyz Market or our products, please email us at or fill in the enquiry form in Contact.

Important! Your health and well-being are always of utmost importance to me so please be rest assured that all beauty items that are sold in Honeyz Market are certified by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA).



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