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Honeyz Market Offer: Sara Shantelle Head CPR 20% Off Extended!

Honeyz Market sends you some loves and kisses with an extension of the Sara Shantelle Head CPR Christmas special offer to end of February 2012!

I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you for your wonderful support for Honeyz Market’s Sara Shantelle Head CPR. I’ve received many positive comments about the product and I’m glad many of you concurred with the effectiveness of the product.

Here are some of its stunning properties.

The Sara Shantelle Head CPR. (Click here for my review.)

– Enhances with wild ginseng extract that aids hair growth. – Instant cooling, minty and refreshing sensation after application! – Most suitable to relieve stress, headaches and migraine. – Spray while at work/school/on the go. Anytime. Anywhere. – Will not mess up hair and may be used with Gel/Wax.

And now, not only Daddy likes it…

Grandpa is also giving his big thumbs up!


Both grandpa and daddy deems the product as the ultimate ‘medicine’ for headaches and hair loss!

This month is THE month where you spread love and appreciation to your loved ones, which includes your mum and dad, grandparents, teacher, boss, best friend, cousin, girlfriend, boyfriend… well basically everyone. 🙂

So the Head CPR would be the best gift idea for this month of love!

And now you guys are in luck!

To express my gratitude for your wonderful support these past months, I’ve extended the Sara Shantelle 20% discount to end of February! Triple yay!

Place orders now by filling in the order form in Honeyz Market!

Cheers to a great Valentine’s Day everyone!

Note: Product may only be effective for mild and tension-type headaches. If you suffer from more severe conditions such as frequent or acute headaches, we strongly advise you to consult a doctor.



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