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Honeyz Cube Promotional Video and Behind-the-Scenes Photos – A site so beautiful in its simplicity that even a guy can use it. 😛

Still unsure of what Honeyz Cube can do for you? Then you have to check out our latest promotional video!

Starring Honeyz Cube’s resident blogger Juliana and Bobby Stryker of fame.

Also click for behind-the-scene bloopers! Remember this scene?

This was created with a huge beam of light and…

… many pillows.

Then it’s time to go for a walk!

Sometimes, you just gotta use a wee bit of imagination.

Also, took some group shots with the Honeyz Cube team for Honeyz Cube’s Facebook Page.

(From left to right): Alex “The Architect” (IT Director), Ben “The Alchemist” (Creative Director) and Juliana “The Oracle” (Founder, Director)!

And these were what we were really holding.


Your friend, Juliana



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