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Hello Honeyz Billboard!

Goodbye static banner and hello interactive Honeyz Billboard!

Hola Honeyz Belles!

Since my last revamp in July last year, I haven’t done anything drastic to my blog design. However, as my blog grew in content and readership, I’ve also received numerous requests to place ads on my website. This has spurred me to tweak my blog design to accommodate these requests.

Of course, I’m really happy to receive these requests but as a regular blog reader myself, I’ve also come to realize that websites that are cluttered with ads are a huge turn off. And as technology advances, I’ve also become less tolerant towards web pages that load too slowly or those that do not care about the art of information architecture. These websites and blogs may be informative but surfing and clicking through the websites to find information can be a huge headache.

To avoid these web design pitfalls, I’ve always tried to keep the ads to the left side of the page and label my posts accordingly.

But as most usability experts have advised – a website only has eight seconds to capture a visitor’s attention for them to browse the site further so this means the content on the header of the blog is the most crucial.

Recently, I’ve also redesigned my Honeyz logo and changed it from this…

… to this.

To top it off, I’ve many great info on the best buys in town, exciting new online stores and exclusive Honeyz readers offers that I don’t want you to miss out on. So I’ve decided to make changes to my beloved web banner by removing the crown and heart motifs and replacing them with the brand new logo and a content slider that features the latest events, announcements and news in the shopping scene.

This new banner is succinct and simpler and best of all, it reflects the interests of my readers and the direction that the blog is heading. I’ve kept my ‘diva-ish’ Honeyz mascot to retain the ‘Honeyz Belle essence‘ – a confident and intelligent woman of the 21st century who’s not afraid to express her desires, show off her charm and become the belle of every ball. 😛

I’ve named this new banner – Honeyz Billboard.

Why is Honeyz Billboard great for you readers?

  1. Watch the billboard like TV. If you find clicking and surfing a hassle, just sit and watch the pictures slide on the Honeyz Billboard like a television set – for the latest and most exclusive news on fashion, beauty and travel.

  2. Control the experience. The clickable slide buttons allow you to choose the ads that you want to see by clicking on them to go forward or to go back.

  3. Discover more Honeyz treats and privileges. I’ll be sharing first hand news on the latest freebies and giveaways on the billboard.

Why is Honeyz Billboard ideal for advertisers?

  1. Capture your audience. The dynamic nature of the banner will capture your prospects’ eye immediately.

  2. Let your ads do the talking for you. Images featured are usually accompanied by a short message that acts as teaser to further information that can be assessed by clicking on them.


  1. Exclusivity. The billboard provides an exclusive platform for you to broadcast your events, brands or products as I’ll only feature five brand messages at a time so each brand gets maximum exposure. This also ensures that loading time is not affected by the large number of images on the interactive billboard.

  2. Gain a foothold in the beauty and fashion industry. My target audience are mostly females who are young, beauty conscious and fashion savvy. So if you’re a budding young entrepreneur who wants to break into this booming industry, the billboard might serve as a stepping stone and give your business the exposure you need.

  3. Reasonable rates for ad placement. Ad banner placement is available on a monthly basis at reasonable rates. Contact me for pricing.


Back to the banner…

So I hope this new banner will help you navigate the site better and keep you in the loop on the latest happenings in the fashion and beauty scene.

I really like this new slider banner and I hope you guys do too. 🙂

Happy surfing and I’ll talk to you soon!

Your friend, Juliana



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