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Halley Medical Aesthetics: Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment Review

Finally it’s here, a day I’ve been dreaming about for an entire year, a day that at times I really thought would never come – today marks the end of my home renovation! And I am literally over the moon! Woo hoo!

It’s been a year, but it feels like my skin has aged five years with all the sleepless nights. That’s why, as the dust settled, I decided enough was enough and made my way down to Halley Medical Aesthetics to see if I was beyond help or whether there might be some hope for my barren wasteland of a visage. Eek!

So this is where I left you last time with one lingering question, does the Fraxel Dual Laser treatment really work?

Let’s find out!


Halley Medical Aesthetic Clinic: Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment Review

Now don’t be alarmed, this next picture may look startling to the untrained eye, but the scabbing that you see is in fact a key part of the healing process as your skin rejuvenates itself.

As you can see, day by day, the temporary scabbing fades away to leave a youthful, smooth and clean visage as if your skin has been born again.

Halley Medical Aesthetic Clinic: Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment Review

There was minimal downtime compared to other traditional lasers I’ve tried. With some makeup, I was back in action by the fourth day. I could go totally makeup free within a week.



Now it’s no secret that I probably have the lowest pain threshold in the world, so what was quite uncomfortable for me may indeed not be for you, but the experience was relatively bearable and I’m more than convinced by the results that it’s worth it. Of course, it’s also a big bonus that Dr. Terence Tan and his team of health assistants were there to reassure and comfort me every step of the way. They even gave me a teddy bear stress ball to calm the nerves. Talk about impeccable service!

Dr. Terence Tan explained that over the first six weeks following on from my treatment, as the skin heals and produces new collagen, I would notice even further improvements and indeed I did. Brown marks continued to fade, my pores were visibly smaller and neck lines much less obvious.

For the first time in forever (see what I did there), I find myself confident to even go out barefaced sans makeup.

And so here I am, back at the cosy premises of Halley Medical Aesthetics for a final review with Dr. Terence Tan six weeks after the treatment.

In case you’re wondering, that’s Dr. Terence Tan behind the lenses, doubling up as a photographer too. Haha! How multi-talented can he get!

Jokes aside, now we get down to serious business and analyse the results. Here we go!

I knew my skin condition improved but I didn’t realise the EXTENT of the improvement until we juxtaposed Dr. Terence Tan’s before and after photos. The results are astonishing!

Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment Review

It almost felt like I’d removed a veil covering my face and as you can imagine, the wonders it did for my confidence are beyond measure. Proof indeed that non-invasive procedures can really pack a cosmetic punch for those keen for an aesthetic uplift without going under the needle.

I’m very happy with the current condition of my skin but would definitely consider going back to Halley Medical Aesthetics if I needed another facial pick-me-up.

Yay! Thank you Dr. Terence Tan and your team of highly skilled staff for giving my skin a new lease of life!

So what do you think Belles? Would you give this a try too?


Halley Medical Aesthetics

277 Orchard Road #03-15 Orchard Gateway, Singapore 238858

T: 6737 8233 |

FB & IG: @halleymedicalaesthetics

Your friend, Juliana



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