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Going Corporate

Last year was wedding year so I channelled all my time to my Secret Garden Fairytale themed nuptials. And the by-product? A memorable wedding but also a very neglected Honeyz Cube with minimal content updates and events.

So this year I decided to turn that all around and shift (most of) my focus to my beauty encyclopedia. Well, ‘most of’ cus I still gotta leave some of the attention for my dearest hubs. 😛

Anyway, I organized a Health Couture workshop, did fashion shoots and hosted marketing campaigns within a few short weeks. And you can just imagine how the weeks leading up to these events were like – yes, a whirlwind of meetings and preparation work.

But this also means… more opportunities for office wear OOTDs. Whoopee doopee!

It’s been ages since I donned jackets, cute work dresses and killer heels. And now that I have the office as my runway, so why not?

Forget about the deadlines, laborious tasks and endless meetings. Today I’m taking a page out of Andrea Sachs’ fashion playbook to give you my very own ‘Going Corporate’ lookbook.

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Bag: Dior

Shoes: Pedro

Accessories: Bulgari

Shades: Chanel Photography by Bobby Stryker


Bag: Bulgari

Shoes: Pedro Earrings: Lovisa

Bracelet: Bulgari

Shades: Police

Photography by

Feeling swamped with deadlines too?

Tune up your fashion regimen and you too will notice an upward change in your mood and attitude. Have fun!

Psst! Also check out what I’ve been working on at Honeyz Cube!

Yup! Valentine’s Day and Lunar New Year themed fashion spreads all at

Finally, saying till next time with these silly photos. 😛

Your friend, Juliana



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