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Foundation Review: L’Oreal True Match Foundation

As the IT-girl of the 21st century, the Honeyz Belle constantly exudes confidence and display her innate capability to nail the perfect look for every occasion.

Personally, I think having awe-inspiring skin is the first step to becoming this next IT-girl. I guess that doesn’t come as a huge surprise as you’ll notice that the people you first meet usually gaze at your face before they ‘scrutinize’ the rest of your body, i.e. Outfit, accessories, etc. and impressions are imprinted from there.

However, perfecting the complexion has always been a very challenging terrain for most girls.

So, the solution to instant perfect skin?

The foundation.

The term ‘foundation’ in makeup isn’t all vain talk.

Webster defined ‘foundation’ as a basis upon which something stands or is supported.

Well yes. In make up language, it literally forms the base of your entire make up. Your make up ‘falls apart’ when your ‘foundation’ is not up to mark.

And this brings me to my second Honeyz Foundation Review. This time, I’m going to review the L’Oreal True Match Foundation.

I’ve used many liquid foundations before and so far only this one kept me loyal.

I have an olive toned complexion, hence the yellowish undertones of the G3, Golden Beige of this foundation blends into my skin pretty well and it does not create the bi-colour effect between the neck and the face.

Also, I usually look pasty in photos. The foundation adds radiance to my face and makes me look much healthier in pictures.

Just thought you might be interested…

I wore the True Match foundation for the recent Honeyz Fashion Review Shoots and I like the natural and glowing look that it created!

In this part of the world (referring to Southeast Asia), the foundation comes with a pump.

I understand that the foundation comes in a bottle in many U.S. States.

Anyway, back to the pump. I dread using foundations from bottles as it’s difficult to regulate the amount of liquid foundation that flows from the bottle and it creates an atrocious mess afterwards. The pump solves this problem. So thumbs up to that!

Here’s another gaping fact about the foundation.

It is extremely waterproofed.

My good friend, Claudia, swears by this.

Claudia and I

We were in Bintan, Indonesia recently for a beach getaway.

On one occasion, we decided to test the waterproof properties of our make up. Some of us were using Dior, Revlon and L’Oreal Two Way Cake and Claudia used the L’Oreal True Match Foundation for the experiment.

So after 2 hours of soaking in a chlorinated pool, Claudia was the only one who still had her make up stubbornly on. The blusher on the apples of her cheeks were still highly visible! (Yup, they stayed on like super glue.) So there you go! True Match’s adhesive and water resistant properties proven!

I also noticed shimmers in the foundation when it’s in the bottle, like tiny golden glitters. But when applied, they disappear. Less concentrated I guess.

I slathered on some foundation for your reference.

So no worries, it does not create the glittery effect on face. It’s still suitable for everyday use. The glitter is probably the True Match Foudation’s secret to its blendable properties.

Coverage wise, it’s light to medium. I thought it fails on the coverage part. My blemishes and freckles are still pretty visible after application.

It also has a rather short lifespan. It usually lasts 3 hours on my oily complexion. And then poof! It disappears and you have to re-apply again. In a way, I feel like Cinderella’ when I wear it as I have to remind myself to touch up the make up when the ‘optimal time frame’ is up.

In addition, I experience mild breakouts from using this foundation at times. This is weird as it claims to be non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic. 🙁

I’m wearing the L’Oreal True Match Foundation in G3, Golden Beige in this picture.

This picture was not enhanced in anyway. So this is how the foundation looks like under natural sunlight.

It retails at Watsons at SGD 30.90.

Overall, I would give this baby an 8 out of 10. Despite some of the negative factors pointed out, I can’t deny that this is an absolute godsend. No foundation feels more like second skin than this one. Moreover, this foundation had tide me over countless meetings, dates, photo shoots and dinner functions. 🙂

Ok. It’s time to serve the dessert of this post – Make up tips for liquid foundations!

  1. If you have an oily complexion, you may want to consider purchasing liquid foundations that are a shade lighter than your skin. This is because the foundation tends to turn a shade darker once it mixes with the skin’s natural oils.

  2. For the most natural look, try to match your foundation to your neck. You may perform a foundation test by first swiping on three different shades (a light, medium, and dark one for comparison) from the top of the jawline down to the neck. The one that disappears into the skin and matches the neck most closely is the one for you.

  3. Avoid foundations that have pinkish tones. They almost always look unnatural and masklike, calling attention to the fact that your neck and face are not the same shade. Instead, find a foundation with a yellowish undertone which will help to balance out any redness in the face.

  4. Use less foundation. Most people create an opaque veil of mismatched color when they slap on too much foundation. Use tinted moisturizers instead. Brighten up with some bronzer and blush if you think your foundation is too sheer to your liking.

Alrighty. That’s all for this L’Oreal True Match Foundation review post.

Continue to watch this space! <3

Love, Juliana

Disclaimer: Do keep in mind that reviews are entirely subjective. It is normal to have differing views so please don’t hate me if I didn’t speak well of your favourite product. I definitely have no intentions of distorting the image of any brand. Well, to each his own, isn’t it? Peace!



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