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Filming With BBC – the Black Box Channel :P

These days, I’m putting my hosting abilities to the test in beauty videos by BBC. No, I wasn’t referring to Britain’s broadcasting behemoth but‘s new Youtube channel – the Black Box Channel! Now does the acronym make sense? 😛

I’ve done two videos with them so far and a third one is coming up soon. Woo hoo!

Giant cameras, heavy boom mics, silly banter, Line figurines and of course an awesome crew pretty much sums up my BBC video shoot experiences.

Here’s a sneak peek of what went on behind the scenes!

Psst! Final videos included.

Before we see the bloopers, thought you might be interested to check out the video first. 🙂

[BBC] Blogger’s Review: June Black Box with ilovebunny

Writing my script…

… and making silly faces at the camera!

Okay that’s enough.

The giant camera that I was referring to.

Splash Media (the creator of Black Box) also manages Line’s PR activities so there were these huge but uber adorable Line figurines in the office.

Can’t miss this photo op with Brown and Cony! 😛

My next video was filmed with William of fame.

[BBC] How To Achieve A Small-Face V-Line Effortlessly

I have no idea why I’m holding onto the Klarity box so tightly and posing with it in EVERY photo.

The talented BBC team – Glenda, Zoe and Chengwei.

LOL. Check out the epic expressions I pull out every few seconds.

Haha! I had so much fun doing this! Can’t wait for my next BBC video shoot!

Meanwhile, subscribe to the BBC at for more spellbinding beauty and lifestyle videos by the creative team of BlackBoxSG.

Finally subscribe to the Black Box too!

Subscribe at and and key in “HoneyzBB” in the referrer code column to stand a chance to receive your very own Black Box too!

Also, like Black Box on Facebook at for exciting Friday Giveaways and info on their latest promotions!

Your friend, Juliana



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