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Fashion Review: Triselle’s Twisted Rope Necklace

Up your fashion cred with fashion bomb, Triselle!

Remember this necklace I wore to Vacation in a Spa?

Yes, it was sent to me by the sweet folks at for my Vacation in a Spa party.

This message was at the back of the brand tag.

And I totally concur with it.


Now, let’s check out the Triselle Twisted Rope Necklace in all its glory!


If you’re looking to jazz up a plain looking outfit or try something that is a wee bit outside your comfort zone, this is definitely the ideal accessory to invest in.

The bold and quirky rope design adds a tinge of zest to any ensemble. I thought the necklace goes very well with my bohemian dresses, cropped tops and skinny jeans creating a spunky look.

Even though the necklace looks like it weighs a ton but it is actually pretty lightweight. No neck aches after hours of wearing it.

Everything about the design is beyond words except this feature.

The elastic ring bands at the sides of the necklace are detachable making them vulnerable to loss. So when you remove the necklace, make sure you hold on to the ring bands to prevent them from falling off the necklace.

Material is good and durable and workmanship of the necklace is decent too.

However, Mr Postman damaged it along the way. 🙁

Every item at are checked for defects before mailing but the trigger of the clasp arrived faulty.

I notified and told them I was going to mail the defective item back to them.

But guess what?

Instead of agreeing to it, they told me to choose another item from their collection to replace the defective item as a gesture of goodwill!


So I happily shopped away at Triselle’s site and chose the Layer Chain Necklace for my next fashion review.

Then more unfortunate things happened.

The mail got lost along the way… 🙁

Singapore Post????!!!! Seriously???!!

Then when Triselle realized the necklace had not reached me, they sent me the Layer Chain Necklace AGAIN!

They should win a Best Blogshop Service Award I tell you!

After the series of mishaps, I finally received my Layer Chain Necklace. Phew!

Will review this in my next fashion post. Meanwhile, 3.5 Honeyz crowns for the Twisted Rope Necklace!

And 5 BIG Honeyz crowns for Triselle’s customer service!!

Till next time!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: I know I’m going to sound like a broken record but I would like to emphasize again that Honeyz fashion reviews are NOT advertorial posts. I do not endorse any of those brands featured. Rather, I’m trying to show you how normal girls (girls with non-supermodel statures) look like in clothing from these famous boutiques. This is to aid you in making informed purchase decisions when it comes to updating your fashion wardrobe. 🙂



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