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Fashion Review: Agneselle Premium Chiffon Jumpsuit in Rose Pink

Another fashion review to satisfy edacious shopping appetites.

I checked out three Agneselle dresses as I typed the above.

Yes! I was referring to my own appetite too. -_-

Anyway, I hope you belles had a wonderful Valentine’s Day yesterday, strutting around in your beautiful Vday dresses and your dates’ arms!

This was Victoria’s Secret’s Facebook Page’s status today: How was your V-Day? Any change in relationship statuses out there? I thought it is pretty cool and let me know if there is any change in yours. *winks*

Pink hues always remind me of the very romantic Saint Valentine’s Day. Since I’m still indulging in the sweetness of Vday, today’s fashion review will be on Agneselle’s Premium Chiffon Jumpsuit in Rose Pink!

Agneselle Premium Chiffon Jumpsuit in Rose Pink Click to see it on AE

Afterthoughts… There are many flare pants jumpsuits out there and somehow this one caught my attention. It is nuanced by its figure flattering waist band, cute ruffles and gorgeous pink hue.

I thought the ruffles made me appear a tad curvier too!

To be honest, I hesitated getting it at first as I realized from the photos on AE’s website that it does not hide panty lines. (Not a fan of fashion faux pas moments. ) However, after taking a second look, I decided to add it to my shopping cart anyway because it is just too pweeetyyy! *Guilty smile*

Indeed, it was the best shopping decision I’ve ever made.

The fabric and craftsmanship were way above my expectations. The material felt very soft and comfortable on my skin. I think I could even wear it to sleep. Despite the thin material, the jumper is not sheer at all.

I guess the only thing I did not like about the jumpsuit is its back zipper. I would very much prefer it to be at the sides.

This beautiful number hides thunder thighs, flatters figure and injects sophisticated glamor into one’s look. I give it 4.5 Honeyz crowns!

With all these good points, I’m pretty surprised that it’s still available on Agneselle’s website.


More coveted review posts on fashion and lifestyle coming up!

They include a review on the world renowned musical play ‘Wicked’ and a bag review on Chanel’s latest baby ‘Mademoiselle Bowling Bag’.

So stay tuned!

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Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: I know I’m going to sound like a broken record but I would like to emphasize again that Honeyz fashion reviews are NOT advertorial posts. I do not endorse any of those brands featured. Rather, I’m trying to show you how normal girls (girls with non-supermodel statures) look like in clothing from these famous boutiques. This is to aid you in making informed purchase decisions when it comes to updating your fashion wardrobe. 🙂



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