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FALL In Love With These Autumn Favourites

Leaves are falling and coffee is calling!

Three more months before we bid 2021 goodbye.

This year, I didn't let time slip through my fingers, every moment was cherished and used as efficiently as possible to realise those New Year's resolutions and one of them was self-care.

Self-care has been mistakenly associated with self-indulgence or being selfish. No, when you take care of yourself, you fill that cup of yours to the brim, or even better, let it overflow so you can be healthy and well enough to take care of your affairs while still helping and supporting others without feeling like it would take a toll on you.

If you want to be there for your loved ones, you have to make sure the most important person in your life (yourself) is fulfilled and happy first.

So! Here are some of my beauty, fitness and wellness antidotes to curb those stressful moments, boost mental and physical health as well as improve your productivity! Hope they'll help you too. Booyah!


THEFACESHOP Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Line

THEFACESHOP Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Line

Words can't describe my exhilaration when I first received this bag of goodness but I'll try my best. 😁

A sumptuous range of Yehwadam beauty products, an instagram-worthy glass mug and decadent tea balls that bloom when brewed just tick all the boxes for me. Psst! My fave is the Mango Green Tea which is delicately sweet after the first steep.

Now let's talk about the crowning piece of this beauty pannier - THEFACESHOP Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Line, a renewal of the existing Yehwadam Revitalizing Range.

The new line uses the freshest Plum flowers from GwangYang, Korea, famed for blooming Plum Trees. Known to bloom from frozen ground in the beginning of spring, its high endurance for frosts and snow comes from its powerful vital energy, giving it mild and soothing properties and making it a traditional favourite in oriental medicine.

As we age, our skin loses elasticity, leading to the formation of wrinkles. Research has shown that Plum Flowers are efficient in achieving moisturised skin as it increases the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin. That’s not all, Plum Flowers have also been proven to reduce the production of melanin, giving the skin that highly sought after radiant glow. 🌸

Now that's my cup of tea. 🍵

THEFACESHOP Yehwadam Plum Flower Revitalizing Line consists of 5 products (toner, emulsion, serum, cream and eye cream), retails between $55 to $85 and is exclusively available at TheFaceShop retail stores.


Thru Apparel Activewear

Thru Apparel Activewear

Thru Apparel Activewear

Thru Apparel Activewear

Rome wasn't built in a day but they worked on it every single day.

Since there is no such thing as ‘spot fat reduction’, I make sure every part of me gets the same TLC so I work on different muscle groups everyday.

According to my workout schedule suggested by our Flow Power Plans, today is back day! I usually begin with deadlifts, lat pull downs, seated rows, straight arm pull downs and conclude the routine with bent over laterals.

This stretchy top and buttery smooth flexible leggings from Thru Apparel help take me through the entire workout with ease.

I need to stress that I'm not blessed with endless limbs so most leggings are too long for me. These ones skim just at the top of my ankle without any excess fabric which also means no bunching at all. Yay!

Thru Apparel has kindly offered a 20% discount for you belles and beaus! Enter promo code thru&juliana when you check out at


Banila Co Products

Banila Co Products

Banila Co is here with three really great products which are perfectly tuned to modern life as we know it!

Up first on today’s roster is their Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Original which truly is one of the most effective cleansers I’ve ever used! I was able to remove stubborn makeup effortlessly with minimal tugging and the Sherbet Formula means you can forgo the need for a separate face wash! Swipe to see this in action!

Banila Co reminds me that less is definitely more and this trend continues with their next product, the Covericious Skin Fit Tinted Moisturizer SPF40 PA++

If you’re heading out and don’t want to go out bare but at the same time don’t want to go through the rigmarole of your full foundation and makeup routine, then this will be right up your alley!

With a gentle tint, moisturization and sun protection all in one product, in my book this is a great choice for daily use with just enough oomph to make me look fresh, awake and ready for the day!

The icing on the beauty cake, last but not least, is their Lipdraw Matte Blast Lipstick!

Great lasting power which passed my dab test with ease even after numerous tries, like I said, this trio makes for a great combination!

If you’re in the market for practical makeup that can live up to the demands of our modern lives, your wish may have just been granted, courtesy of Banila Co! 😎


Vitabiotics Supplements

Vitabiotics Supplements

Vitabiotics Supplements

While I always try my best to have a balanced diet, rich in vital micronutrients and antioxidants, when things get busy, sometimes you just grab whatever’s left in the fridge from the night before! Not ideal but que sera sera..

Thankfully, I’m really enjoying filling in the nutrient gaps in my diet with an easy and convenient daily multivitamin and Vitamin C boost courtesy of trusted vitamin brand, Vitabiotics!

As the No. 1 vitamin brand in the UK with a wealth of supporting research for their products and twice recipient of the Queen’s Innovation Award, I know I can have confidence that my body is getting the quality it needs!

I used to take evening primrose oil for my skin with a whole host of other supplements, like B6 and B12 to boost my energy levels but thanks to Wellwoman Original, I can get all that goodness in one single supplement while their Ultra Vitamin C keeps my immune system primed and ready for action!

It feels good knowing that when the going gets tough, I can go to Vitabiotics to keep my health on top!


Antipodes Skincare Products

Antipodes Skincare Products

Antipodes Skincare Products

Reveling in the goodness of mother nature with my new Antipodes Skincare products!

Psst! They even came in eco-friendly bubble wrap. 👍🌱

With this unwavering commitment to sustainability and clean beauty, you know your desired non-toxic, natural skincare routine is in good hands.

The Antipodes Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask has been my go-to for drawing out pore-clogging impurities for the past few years. It's always been in a jar so I was surprised to see it in a different packaging this time.

The Antipodes team clarified that the new packaging allows the product to stay creamier and it's also less messy to deal with now, which I absolutely concur.

Also leveled up my nightly routine with their Divine Face Oil to calm my tired skin and their new Culture Probiotic Night Recovery Water Cream brighten and hydrate my skin. The water cream also instantly transforms the mood from a stressful one to a calming one with its heavenly scent.

Watch the video above to see the products in their full glory and my night ritual in action!


Marc Mirren

Marc Mirren Singapore

Marc Mirren

Marc Mirren

Charmed to meet you! ✨

I've seen quite a few charms in my time but this understated 'J' for Juliana really caught my eye, especially thanks to the little twinkling cubic zirconia stone.

Paired here with the Elsa necklace chain and you have a look, elegant enough for any occasion!

Psst! Quote JULI15 to enjoy 15% off your purchases at Marc Mirren. That's not all, folks! You'll also receive a free letter charm for every purchase over $39. Free returns and free shipping included!


As always, I hope you guys had fun going through my favourites list. What are your current favourites or do you have any last minute resolution that you want to complete before we bid 2021 adieu? Share with me by commenting below!

Meanwhile, follow me on Instagram too for all the latest and spookiest beauty, style and home decor content this Halloween!

Thanks for being here and keep sparkling you guys! Till next time!

Your friend,




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