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Exploring Beauty With SOTHYS Singapore

I love Chinese New Year, the family time, the food, the memories! With each year I find myself becoming more and more nostalgic, holding on to traditions from my childhood while creating new ones.

Fine, I’ll admit it’s not all a bed of roses though. If anyone has ever experienced an annual review and appraisal at work, CNY can be something like that!

So what have you achieved over this last year? Where are you working now? Children on the way???

And you bet as a beauty blogger – if my skin is anything less than flawless, I’ve had it! Eek! So no pressure!

With so many deadlines, shoots and engagements every day, not only did I need to find time to squeeze in a pre-CNY facial but I needed to find one with the least possible downtime so I can keep to my busy schedule.

Just when I thought I was hoping for the impossible, I received a glowing invitation from SOTHYS for the opening of their first Premium Salon in Singapore. Little did I know, but this would turn out to be just the impossible I’d been hoping for.

I’ll admit, I didn’t know a great deal about SOTHYS so the opening was quite an eye opener.

The French professional skincare brand has been leading the way since 1946 with a focus on non-invasive, high efficacy treatments and products. SOTHYS even pioneered the use of medical ampoules for their beauty products, and thus the beauty ampoule as we know it was born!

With my interest piqued, I explored the newly minted premises. A welcoming open reception area invites you in while also showcasing some of SOTHYS’ top products.


The Entrance

It was a nice sizzling afternoon of mindless laughter with the beauty experts of SOTHYS Singapore and fellow social media personnel. We also got to savour a delectable buffet spread during the event. Yum!


The Reception

Behind the reception area are the ultra chic treatment suites of which there are only two. Yet again highlighting SOTHYS’ emphasis on quality over quantity.

The other guests at the opening were much more familiar with SOTHYS than myself and they all had one view in common, the facials offered by SOTHYS are some of the best with the least post-treatment redness and downtime.

So when I was invited back for a treatment, you bet I jumped for joy!

Coming back to the salon, I was taken aback by the calming ambience carefully curated by SOTHYS. It was the perfect intro for a session of pampering.

I was welcomed by Clara, SOTHYS Singapore’s first Golden Badge holder. Having breakthrough products is only one part of the SOTHYS ethos, all their therapists must also meet the stringent criteria set by SOTHYS. To become a SOTHYS Golden Badge holder, you have to score over 80% in annual assessments and undergo regular audits to ensure the standard is always maintained. Talk about meticulous!

After a consultation with Clara, I was introduced to the HYDRA3HA Intensive treatment, a special concoction containing different molecular weight variations of Hyaluronic Acid and their patented1055 Boletus Extract for a level of moisturization that would normally require multiple treatments with traditional masks and serums.

But first, relax!

Before the treatment began, I was given a relaxing foot spa while I enjoyed the calming sounds and smells of the treatment suite. The ambience is one of pure bliss I tell you!

Then I changed into their treatment attire for a back massage before we start working on my face! I’m loving it here already!

Now I was finally ready for the facial treatment to begin.

The treatment consisted of several phases starting with exfoliation through a deep cleansing routine.

Then restructuring the skin with a nourishing serum, followed by a gentle face massage to make sure all the products were absorbed more quickly and efficiently.

After the restructuring phase, we move on to the rehydration phase where we supplement the skin with lots of moisture by applying an Intense Hydration Gel Mask.

Once that’s taken care of, we regenerate the skin with SOTHYS patented 1055 Boletus Extract and Hyaluronic Acid Modelling Mask, plumping up with a special mask fortified with Argan Oil (rich in Vitamin E) and the final infusion phase, administering the ultimate dose of hyaluronic acid with the Peel-Off Plumping Mask leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. Then completing the facial with Hydra3Ha Intensive serum and cream.

Yeap! You read me right! Three facial masks in all!

Unlike other treatments I’ve been to, Clara stayed for the entire duration of the treatment providing useful health and beauty insights whilst also administering special massage techniques to ensure my Zen-like relaxation was never broken.

So what is the final verdict? Was it as pain free, void of post treatment red marks and downtime as many had claimed?

Well, it seems there is no getting away from the discomfort of extraction, but after that step, it really was a great experience.

The products were all manually massaged into my skin instead of with abrasive machines like a lot of salons use and the post treatment redness really was very very low.

Here are my before and after shots for your verdict!

There was so little visible redness that when I met my hubby later he had no idea I’d even gone for a facial! The icing on the cake was also the salon’s prime location, which meant I could go straight from salon to restaurant for dinner right next door, while the unique treatment meant I didn’t have to worry about scaring people away with my raw treated visage like I usually do after a facial.

Interested to know more about SOTHYS products before I went to fill my hungry belly, I decided to pick Clara’s brains on some of their key products. Clara explained that indeed a lot of the preparations and serums are available for purchase for home use with the caveat that the home preparations are specially modified so as to be safe for anyone to use, while the high potency treatments are only available for in-salon use.

Just for your reference – these products are for salon use only.

While these ones displayed in the reception area are for home use.

Yet another example of SOTHYS shining commitment to excellence!


Huat Ah!!!!

SOTHYS would love to share the joy of their new premium salon opening with you:

Try the Hydra3Ha Intensive Treatment at a fraction of the price at $199 only. (U.P: $315). Check out this link for more info!

And and and!

It was amazing to learn that SOTHYS is actually the first creator of beauty ampoules. And this new year, SOTHYS is going back to their roots with a new series of ESSENTIAL AMPOULES – concentrated beauty serums that address different skin concerns. You can choose to hydrate, oxygenate, brighten or even anti-age with each power packed ampoule vial.

Enjoy the goodness of these products with SOTHYS’ Essential Ampoules Promotion! While stocks last!

(Each box has 7 ampoules for a 7-day programme): 1 box @ $79 (NP: $89) 2 boxes @ $139 (NP: $178) 4 boxes @ $239 (NP:$356)

SOTHYS’s Premium Salon is located at 23 Lorong Telok #01-01 S049035. For more about their services and promotions, visit their website and social media channels listed below!


So facial done and for once my face doesn’t look like a giant red ang pow!

CNY here I come!

Your friend, Juliana


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