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Enchante! Emily In Paris Season 2 Fashion Picks!

Emily in Paris Season 2 Fashion Inspiration

Can you believe that the phenom that was Emily in Paris last graced our screens more than one year ago!

Well, Emily is back in Paris with Season 2 set to hit our screens literally any second now and of course you know what that means!

If Emily is back in Paris, then she’s back in Pasir Ris too - or wherever else you might spot me in Singapore! Hehe!

This of course means it’s time to vogue with a photoshoot featuring looks inspired by sneak-peeks from season 2 of Emily and her fantabulous friends, Mindy and Camille.

Expect looks too hot to handle for even the fashion capital of the world, bold colours, prints and of course selfies with your cute camera phone case!

Of course, I did add a little je ne sais quoi of my own to the mix to imagine what Emily’s office might look like during this magical time of the year with PR kits, delectable Parisian pastries and bubbly strewn around in one beautiful, chaotic, organized mess!

The Style Squad

Leather pants: H&M

Bedroom Slippers: Victoria's Secret

Neck scarf: Pepperkoko

Phone Case: Casetify

Earrings: Pandora

The Style Squad

Pants: MDS

Shades: Aldo

Heels: Aldo

Bedroom Slippers: Victoria's Secret

Phone Case: Casetify

Earrings: Pandora



Hope it’s not all too ringarde for you! Are you looking forward to Emily in Paris Season 2 premiering on Netflix in 2 days? I definitely am!

Oh! The oven timer just went off. My pains au chocolat are ready, I gotta go.

Thank you for being here as always. Enjoy the show and Joyeux Noël belles and beaus!

Your friend,




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