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Bonjour! Emily In Paris.. Or Sunny Singapore? 😜

The entire city looks like Ratatouille. - Emily

My exact sentiments when 'the Disney Geek in me' first visited Paris many years ago.

As you can no doubt see, I’m very much living vicariously through the eyes of the hit Netflix series, Emily in Paris, in a case of art imitating life imitating art!

Not since Sex & The City and Gossip Girl has there been such a fashionably binge-worthy TV show, until now that is!

The show has had me tripping down the Rue Royale of my memories and my heart yearning for another magical stroll along the banks of the Seine!


The scene where Emily is invited to a product launch party (Durée Cosmetics) for influencers definitely had me chuckling!  She was asked to post about the brand at least five times, was treated poorly by her fellow attendees, and received a smaller PR goodie bag than content creators with larger followings. Whoa?!

Thankfully in real life, events are always full of love, laughter and a lot of good times with these peeps! I also have to clarify that brands and PR companies here in Singapore are always generous and kind to all of us, regardless of how many followers we each have. 

But I digress. Today's objective is all about Emily's lust-worthy (and so-NOT-ringarde) wardrobe.

I'm especially in love with her plaid suit and red beret look.

I recreated the look by trading the plaid suit for a smart blazer dress with short frilly sleeves that added a nice feminine flair to the coordinate. Also swapped the red beret for a red newsboy cap and the black strappy heels for an elegant red pair which is also an ode to her red beret.

A crowning piece to the look is my très chic Peter Pan chain satchel which I proudly wore like a true Disney trouper. Don't mind the London scene on the bag. 😅

And here's the full ensemble!


The Style Squad

Blush, highlighter and contour powder: Pixi Beauty, Ultimate Beauty Kit, 5th Edition

Eyeliner: TheFaceShop

Shoes: Aldo

Beret: Paris

Earrings: Lovisa

Watch and bracelet: Daniel Wellington

Now all I need to complete the look is Emily’s iconic phone case. Hehe! 📷

Did you enjoy Emily In Paris too? Which is your favourite look from the show? Let me know in the comments below!

Psst! I'm also in love with Sylvie's green asymmetrical dress. Well, this is a look for another day. Bonsoir!

Your friend,



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