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DIY: How to Create Dip-Dye Hair at Home?

Avoid CNY salon surcharges with DIY chic rainbow sections through your locks!

Step 1: Prepare these items.

Hair dye, rubberbands, disposable gloves, comb and polybags.

The hair dye I use in this tutorial.

Tish and Snooky’s Manic Panic in Ultra Violet and Hot Hot Pink

Colors appear more vibrant on light hair so my friend Alice (and model of today’s tutorial) has bleached her Rapunzel locks before this shoot.


Our model, Alice is a hair fashionista and already has a nice gradation of green applied to the lower lengths of her hair. But like they always say ‘too much is never enough’, so Alice has kindly agreed to showcase her hair dye journey and demonstrate how she achieves the graduated hair dye effect with three colors.

Here we go!

Step 2: Tie your hair in half. Then twist the upper half into a bun.

Step 3: Now smooth out your lower half with a comb and begin your hair color application. Remember to wear your gloves!

Step 4: Spread the dye evenly by brushing your hair with a comb.

Step 4: Divide your hair into three sections (or four if you have thicker hair) and twist each section into a mini bun as shown.

Step 5: Now wrap your mini buns with the polybags and secure them with rubber bands. Once you’re done, repeat these steps with the upper half of your hair with a different hair dye color.

Step 6: Now wait for an hour for the dye to penetrate into your hair before rinsing it off completely.

Step 7: After rinsing, brush your hair with your hands. Do not use a comb because hair is weakest when it’s wet and combing might result in breakage. Then dry your hair and you’re done!

Thanks Alice for the demonstration!

Now let’s all add some fun flare to our mundane manes!

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Your friend, Juliana



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