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Dash of Honeyz: Play Tribal Dress Up!

TGIF Honeyz Belles!

Here’s a style tip video from Dash of Honeyz to kick start your fabulous weekend!

Have you caught the tribal bug too?

Tribal designs have taken over the runways, magazines and made us go woozy over their bright and gorgeous graphic prints. In this episode of Dash of Honeyz, you will learn how to accessorize your favorite tribal dress and color block it chicly.

The video features a beautiful and figure flattering Aztec dress and cute robot pendant long necklace from, a gold statement necklace from The Editor’s Market and other amazing pieces from top blogshops such as Love Bonito and Agneselle!

‘Nuff said. You gotta watch the video!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: I know I’m going to sound like a broken record but I would like to emphasize again that Honeyz fashion posts are NOT advertorials. I do not endorse any of those brands featured. Rather, I’m trying to show you how normal girls (girls with non-supermodel statures) look like in clothing from these famous boutiques. This is to aid you in making informed purchase decisions when it comes to updating your fashion wardrobe. 🙂


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