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Cute Press Ci-Lab Sensitiv Skincare Series Review

Good things come to those who moisturise.

Alas, my time has come..

All this time I thought I’d managed to dodge a certain viral bullet but it seems my luck is up and not only was I hit, so was my hubby, my brother and even my mommy dearest, all within a few days of one another.

I found myself counselling myself with information we would normally only give our patients, like when your fever spikes, you’ll feel cold and shivery and not hot as many would think! And though it may be tempting to pile on the blankets, doing so would simply push my fever up higher and stop it coming down, so you have to endure the aches, keep on the fan and aircon to help your body cool down faster.

As you can imagine, the sleepless nights, constant cough, throat irritation, never-ending runny nose, going through boxes and boxes of tissues and the dry aircon environment have all battered my skin robbing me of the dewy look I had worked so hard to maintain specifically for this time of year, the run-up to Christmas and Chinese New Year!

So when Cute Press came knocking with their Ci-Lab Sensitiv Series, I wondered whether their Ci-Lab could outdo the damage done by my C+!

It was time to find out!


The series consists of four super-charged products, the Ci-Lab Sensitiv Moisture Repair

First Serum, the Ci-Lab Sensitiv Moisture Repair Barrier Cream for Normal to Oily skin, the Ci-Lab Sensitiv Moisture Repair Barrier Cream for Dry to Very Dry skin and the Ci-Lab Sensitiv Ultra Mild Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++.

Dermatologist tested and shown to hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, the range is all about hydration without irritation to reveal your best skin! I was obviously interested and my skin was shouting gimme gimme gimme!

The range consists of four powerful active ingredients, Ceramide to rejuvenate and replenish skin moisture, Phytosphingosine to strengthen the skin barrier, reduce irritation and moisturize your skin, Aloe Vera to further moisturise and reduce skin irritation and D-Panthenol to reduce irritation, smoothen and moisturize your skin even further.

All of this is packaged in tiny sub-micron sized particles that Cute Press refer to as the Sub-Micron Barrier Rescue Complex. This allows the fantastic four ingredients to penetrate deep into your skin, providing rapid and long-lasting hydration to instantly sooth and plump your skin back to vitality!


CI-Lab Sensitiv Moisture Repair First Serum

I dived in with the CI-Lab Sensitiv Moisture Repair First Serum to kick start the intense rehydration process!

Not only does it contain the fantastic four but there’s also hyaluronic acid to further amplify the nourishment and hydration effect while natural betaine, a moisturizing substance extracted from Sugar Beets, strengthens the skin barrier for a healthy glow!

The consistency is light and airy which allows quick absorption by the skin, leaving behind a smooth finish. My skin also instantly looks radiant and plumped with just one application.


CI-Lab Sensitiv Moisture Repair Barrier Cream

The Barrier Cream comes in two variants to address the various skin types.

I used the CI-Lab Sensitiv Moisture Repair Barrier Cream Normal to Oily on my face that's more on the greasy side and the Dry to Very Dry version on my dry, prune-like neck.

All the products feel great, they absorbed quickly without leaving any stickiness or oiliness and it’s great that they don’t contain any of the nasties like alcohol, fragrance, paraben, mineral oil and the usual suspects!


CI-Lab Sensitiv Ultra Mild Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++

I know I’ve been stuck indoors but I still tried out the CI-Lab Sensitiv Ultra Mild Tone Up Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA+++ and can say I was pleasantly surprised by how weightless it feels, not leaving any stickiness or shine.

The AquaProtect Technology in the sunscreen gives you superior broad spectrum UVAI/UVAII/UVB protection even when drenched in water, or in my case fever-induced cold sweats!

It provides 12 hours of oil control which makes it a great makeup base for a full day outdoors.

The Cute Press team are so confident in their product that they even furnished me with a skin analyser to quantitatively measure my skin moisture before and after using these products!

The numbers revealed what I could feel and what you can see in my before and after pics!

Here are some before and after photos taken after using the products for five days.

My pores looked evidently less visible and my skin was literally glowing from within. Look at those rosy cheeks! What's going on?

Here's a close up of my side profile. My gaping pores had shrunk and my complexion looked revitalised and radiant, no longer dull like before. What sorcery is this?

That's not all, folks!

I was also having a bad eczema episode on the skin between my fingers. It was red, dry, flaky and very itchy - the worse combo for a skin reaction.

I decided to test out the Barrier Cream Dry to Very Dry version on my skin for three days and voila! The redness and flakes were almost gone. The itchy feeling has completely disappeared. I knew the product was good but these kinda results are astonishing! I've included the before and after photos for proof!

Ci-Lab has indeed proven to be the antidote to my C+ ravaged skin!

The rapid acting and long-lasting hydration has restored my skin to its former glory and it could not have come any sooner!

While I’m counting down my hours to freedom, I’m glad I’ll be able to emerge from my fortress of solitude looking fresh and revitalized, like I’d been on a spa retreat instead of the reality, someone who’s been in bed for days!

If you’re in need of a serious skin pick-me-up, then look no further, Cute Press’ Ci-Lab Sensitiv Series is here to save you in time for the festive season!

The Cute Press’ Ci-Lab Sensitiv Series is now available on Lazada - Cute Press Lazmall and the Shopee - Cute Press Flagship Store.

Your friend,




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